Detailing Your Life With Keywords Approach

Summary – “Job Safety Analysis” for life

I once did my internship at a Petrochemical plant in Kerteh, Malaysia. I was there for about 8 months. It was a dream come true for any engineering students to work there. Where else can you see all the theories previously learnt applied.

I had also been introduced to a lot of Engineering procedure and there was one that had caught my attention to be applied to my real life. It’s called Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

Job Safety Analysis – A brief introduction

Bear with me as I briefly explained this procedure. JSA is a compulsory procedure to be done at the beginning of any major works. For example, let say I am to install a new pipeline for a pressure vessel. I will call up a meeting with other engineers in which we will discuss the safety aspect of the work. What make this procedure interesting is that, the safety meeting will be based only on specific keywords. Nothing else.

One words will be taken from group 1 such as : Over, Under, High, Low, No etc (There are actually quite a few, but I’m putting only these five to ease understanding)

Another words are taken from group 2 such as : Pressure, Flow, Temperature etc

In a JSA, the engineers will combine the two words from each group to become words like overpressure, underpressure, high temperature and so on. We will then discuss what are the safety precaution available or to be made available in case of overpressure, underpressure etc (until all the keywords are exhausted).

I hope you understand the procedure up to now. I guess the whole objective of discussing things based on keywords is to avoid forgetting any of them. When one’s life is at risk, it is always a good thing to be extra careful.

Applying JSA in real life

Such a procedure will only make the job more complicated but the benefit from it will outweigh all the work done. So I’m thinking, maybe we can apply JSA to our real life.

Road Accident
If for example you are in a bus, and in 5 seconds the bus is going to topple to its right, what will you do? What if it topples to the left? What will you hold on to? Where’s the emergency exit? You can apply JSA here by planning ahead for every scenarios that can happen in an accident.

Some suggestion of keywords that can be used are topple, breakdown, robbery, unconcious driver.

Natural Disaster
Do you know what’s the first thing you should do if your house is on fire? Which documents are important, and which are not? Or maybe your house is flooded, how will you kickstart your life?

Some suggestion of keywords are Flood, Fire, Earthquake, Lost, Documents.

These two are just a few examples of how to apply JSA in real life. However, utilizing keywords in our life goes beyond safety and health. You can also come up with keywords like

  • Money, Time, Friends – What will you do when there are too much or too little of them?
  • Anger, Jealousy, Hate – When it will be fine to have them?
  • The Wife, The Mother, The Father – What will you do if one of them is sad? What makes them happy?

Conclusion – There are infinite amount of scenarios that can happen. To plan for every one of them will require a few thousands years (plus and minus). So don’t do all of them. Just choose the most important ones like accidents, emergencies. List down all the keywords related to the scenarios and write away.

Don’t you think it will be cool if you are the one person in an accident who actually save the whole passengers of the bus 🙂

– I wonder –
Anybody reading have had an accident before. Care to share your experience?

————- Personal Note ————-
I will never forget mine for the rest of my life. I was driving very late at night. And to make it worse, I am not at all familiar with the road. It was very snaky and I was driving relatively fast for a snaky dark road. I know that there’s a T-Junction at the end of the road and I will be taking a left turn there.

The details was quite blurry but suddenly I was at the T-Junction and I was still driving straight and crossed the road altogether. Luckily there’s a building in front with a parking lot. I was able to stop just in time. My heart was pounding fast. If there were cars or lorries on the road at the time, I will not be here writing this for you. From that time on, I have promised myself that I will stop the car and take a nap whenever I feel sleepy. No discussion.

So everyone.. Drive safe kay

Photo Credit – Zappowbang

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  1. 17 Sep 08 8:00 am

    yup, never drive when ur sleepy..i once drove past taiping and ended up in ipoh. (i drove in the highways and missed susur keluar taiping) with only RM10 in my pocket.
    i agree with u about applying JSA in fire and flood situations. u’ll never know when.:)

  2. Gale P
    17 Sep 08 11:55 am

    A few months ago I “totalled” my car. I was at a stop on a road leading out of town. I was doing a scheduled visit to a foster family from our agency. Well, it doesn’t matter that I think it should be a 4-way stop, because it wasn’t and I proceeded without looking up to have my eyes meet the body of a van in front of my face. i turned to try and not make a complete impact but crushed my front grill and part of the engine anyway. The woman driving the van jumped out and called out “Are you alright?” I told her I should be the one asking her and luckily, though I had also totalled her old van, she was alone in the car and unhurt. It was her Dad’s van because she had an accident not long before that that “totalled” the value of her car. Her Dad arrived at the scene and was one of the nicest men I ‘d ever met. He waited with me for the tow truck and later signed a waiver for the motor vehicle department releasing me from cause of accident! I paid him the amount I would have paid for the ticket and the points on my license. Months later I saw him in a convenience store. I said “Hi Remember me I wrecked your car!” We laughed and chatted and he told me about his daughter’s fall on hard times with 3 kids, etc. and that she was looking for a job. I told him about some openings where I worked and she calle me to check it out. The world is full of wonderful people that make the awful bearable and show up seemingly from nowhere . I have that man’s face and smile and happy eyes etched in my memory.

  3. 17 Sep 08 1:14 pm

    Wilda – With RM10 and still a long way to reach home. Anything can happen. You may run out of gas 🙂 I’ve always believe that this small experience is a kind of reminder so that we will be more careful in the future.

    You did make it back home, didn’t you?

    Gale P – You just make my day. It’s always inspiring learning that there are kind hearted people still existing in the world. Come to think of it, when an accident happened, there’s no reason to scream at the top of our lung to each other. It doesn’t change anything. We will still need to fix the car. Wouldn’t it be best to just speak to each other calmly and maybe help each other out.

    If I were you, I too will be happy to pay for any damage done to the van. Totally because of their courtesy. They deserve it. Thanks for sharing the inspiring story.

  4. 18 Sep 08 7:41 am

    We need YOU for MRR2!!!

  5. banji
    18 Sep 08 8:31 pm

    @k@kPOKPEK – I doubt I can do anything on that MRR2 unless it involved chemical or mechanical engineering 🙂

  6. 18 Sep 08 10:53 pm

    i bet Datok SV does.. but he can’t afford u! 🙂

  7. banji
    18 Sep 08 11:35 pm

    @k@kPOKPEK – of course.. that high profile job, I will require at least a 5 digit salary per month hehe

    Since we are imagining things, make it 6 digit

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