Today I wrote two entries – “Do Not Throw Away That Cluttering Mindset, Here’s Why” and this personal rant.

A friend of mine just forwarded me this youtube clip of Wimax. It was supposed to be aired on TV for Aidilfitri, but I don’t think it was aired. Since it is still Aidilfitri mood here in Malaysia, do enjoy the clip.

Spoiler (Only read this when you finished watching and do not get the message)

It is a story of a guy who left his hometown to go work in the city. He kept in touch with his folks via video calls etc. However due to the unstable internet connection, he missed the last message from his mother. He was supposed to return to “Muar” (His other hometown) this year. After all the macho pose, he was informed by the neighbour next door that he had returned to the wrong hometown. Funny.. 🙂

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  1. 11 Oct 08 7:30 pm

    hahaha, lawak jgak tu!!
    basically pakai la wimax for a complete message tru.
    heheheh, terhibur jgak pocket yg demam nii.. huhu

  2. 12 Oct 08 12:18 pm

    Pocket – 🙂 hopefully cepat sembuh. you know that laughter is the best medicine

  3. 12 Oct 08 10:54 pm

    hehe.. mmg lawak.
    love the change of music there 🙂

  4. banji
    13 Oct 08 1:05 am

    Azuwachan – Exactly.. I love the music 🙂 Somehow, it is a perfect flash back tune

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