Personal Rant - Where's The Next Wimax Coverage? You Decide

If you have been following my personal rant, you will know that I occasionally write a piece or two on the latest development of wimax in Malaysia. Just a personal rant from the blogger in me who yearn for faster internet connection.

And if you read all the rants from other people on the net about P1 Wimax, it is always about why their areas are not yet covered. They are all getting fed up with their current ISP and if their areas are covered, they will definitely make that switch.

Good news! you can now nominate your area to be the next place to be covered. This may be just a gimmick, or it may be the real thing. Still, would you pass such opportunity to influence the wimax coverage in your area?

All you need to do is to just visit this P1W1max site and nominate your area. From the way I see it, if you manage to convince all your hometown folk to vote, the chances will be higher and you may get that wimax coverage slightly faster.

There’s no harm in trying right? 🙂

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