I read about this a long time ago in Variasari (a mini magazine very much like the current ones). It was under the column “Petua Nenek Kebayan” (Tips from the ancient).

It’s written that we can know how long it will rain just by looking at the behavior of the roaming chicken. Don’t laugh just yet.. well you can smile. it’s true though ūüôā

If the chicken stop roaming and rest under the shade (pretty much like the picture attached), there’s a high possibility that¬†the¬†rain¬†will¬†be¬†very¬†brief even though it is a storm.

And vice versa, if the chicken still continue searching for food, minding their own business, the rain will not be stopping any time soon

I wouldn’t dare to put it up here if I didn’t test it myself. Try it, and tell me how it goes. You will be amaze with the result. I guess animals just know some things¬†we¬†don’t.

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  1. pocket
    10 May 07 12:14 pm

    bird brain!!
    if the bird predict …
    ‘its gonna be a long storm.. lets berteduh’
    its not going to be a long rain…

    if the bird predict …
    ‘naahhh… this one is a brief one i tell u’
    its gonna be a long one …
    bird brain!!

  2. Banji
    11 May 07 3:15 am

    nice method to remember…

    i wonder if there is scientifically something in the water when the rain is short, that the chicken try to avoid at all cost.

  3. filantera
    14 May 07 5:15 am


    bir brain is
    “hey this rain is just short, so lets relaks and continue cari makan after this!”
    then the reain is short

    “whoooaaa this gonna be a long rain, so better we patuk apa patut rather then kelaparan ptg kang”
    and the rain is longggggg

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