Summary – Two great love quotes, Which one you choose?

Trying to start a fight with your loved ones to get her attention is just so sweet. Good luck Filantera. (For those who have no idea, please refer to previous post’s comment) We would do anything for our better half now wont we?

One thing has been puzzling me on this love matter, maybe you guys can give your own opinion on this.

You see, there are two love quotes that I “accidentally” (I can be hopelessly romantic sometime) memorize. The two contradict each other but I love them both.

Love quote #1 – If you want to hate somebody, leave 1% of your heart for love because who knows, the one you hate may someday be the one you will love the most.If you want to love somebody, leave 1% of your heart for hate because who knows, the one you love may someday be the one you will hate the most

  • This may be true at one point. When the person you love the most hurt you, somehow the pain is multiplied thousands times. And when suddenly an event happen that make you hate him such as cheated, used etc, the pain will be so extreme it is impossible to endure.
  • It’s better to have that 1% of hate so that maybe it will not hurt so much then

Love quote #2 – Love ! deeply and passionately. You might get hurt but it’s the only way to live life completely (Corrected by filantera)

  • This also make sense. If you love someone with all you heart and it turns out she’s not the one and she dump you, you’ll be hurt like dying but with time you will get over it and move on.
  • But what if you did find the one person destined for you, the most perfect companion for you and you throw her aside because of the fear of getting hurt, and she’s gone. Would you forgive yourself? Ever?

So do you see my dilemma? I believe both are true to some extent. And that they are most perfect when complementing each other. What do you guys think? Personally, which would you choose and believe?

————— Personal Note ————————–
I was just been told that tomorrow 19/7 is actually a public holiday for us in Negeri Sembilan. Wow.. either I’m just that ignorance or I’m such that good a worker. By the way, as always I will be going to KL this evening and visit my dear mother there. She is now 50 years old (born alongside Malaysia) but still she won’t give up her job. I guess she’s just that independent and tough. Anyway, as always I will be seeing you via email. So please come and say hi… it will be the high of my day.As for my mother, there’s no question that I love her 100% and I would die for her (seriously)

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  1. Pawana Malam..
    18 Jul 07 12:03 am

    some people say,

    “to love is to share…and to love is to bear..”So, to love is not a metter of choosing…hehhe

    anyway, i’m still not into love yet, so, dont even experience wether the quote is true or not..hehhe

  2. banji
    18 Jul 07 1:43 am

    nice quote there 🙂 but im not sure i understand when u said-love is not a matter of choosing. so if u love someone, do u love him 100 pc or just 99 pc? if u dont mind, pls elaborate 🙂

  3. Zul
    18 Jul 07 3:03 am

    you’re immensely in love with your job. That’s why.

  4. banji
    18 Jul 07 3:14 am

    hahaha thats probably it, even though i wouldnt use the word ‘immensely’.

    can u please call my boss n repeat what u just wrote to him? 🙂

  5. AiRynnz
    18 Jul 07 4:13 am

    give love to everyone, then there will b smone who will love u more than other… 🙂

  6. k o r o m y s t
    18 Jul 07 5:28 am

    Heee… I would like to state. The more you hate someone, the more concern you’re actually showing xD

    It’s like… dang! He/she’s always using this path, must use another path to avoid from bumping in to each other!
    – you actually know which path he/she uses… O___O

    What the-?! He/She’s coming over to the same ceremony? There’s no way I’m going there as well!
    – you actually bother to find out whether he/she’s going to be present or not ^_~

    and so many more examples lalalala~ xD

  7. banji
    18 Jul 07 6:25 am

    airynz – a very true statement, because statistically the fewer person u love, the lesser the chance there will be a person who love u more. a good strategy to find THE ONE

    but i think if u truly love someone, u will just love him/her unconditionally, it will not even bother u if he/she didn’t love u back

  8. banji
    18 Jul 07 6:34 am

    koromyst – i totally agree with u on this one, it seems both love n hate are the same thing but like battery had positive negative, another clear example is ali setan

  9. filantera
    18 Jul 07 8:18 am

    huhuhuhuhuh nak post dari tadi tapi tak sempat………
    asalnyer quote tu sound like this

    Love ! deeply and passionately. You might get hurt but it’s the only way to live life completely

    for me i think i agree with both.
    to love somebody is to give her/him all our love. we have unlimited love

    tukar bm plak. bukan nyer love tu ada had, cam nak habiss dah cinta aku..takde. love all out.

    but always remember, that we have to love Allah the most. so that kalau hurt, kita akan pikir, Oh Allah dah aturkan agak aku merasai kesakitan ini…

    and kalau hurt, kita akan tak rasa meraung sbb dlm kita mnyintai di sepenuhnya, kita lebih mnyintai Allah……

    ntahlah bleh paham ke idak perkataan perkataan ini heheh

  10. Noushy Syah
    18 Jul 07 8:33 am

    I love him truly,with all of my heart and soul, and dedicate 100% of my love to him, but I left 2% for myself coz I don’t want to hate him should something doesn’t work out..

    And if you ask me why 100+2 that would make 122% all together, the answer is because I love him more than I could say!! It’s unconditionally!

  11. Banji
    18 Jul 07 9:40 am

    filantera – i was wondering where were u. thank you for the correction, apparently i only memorize the message behind a quote hihi.

    and I think u had answered my question very briliantly. a compromise between the two quotes. No wonder they’ve asked you to become a moderator 🙂

  12. filantera
    18 Jul 07 9:58 am

    I’d rather have bad times with you, than good times with someone else
    I’d rather be beside you in a storm, than safe and warm by myself
    I’d rather have hard times together, than to have it easy apart
    I’d rather have the one who holds my heart…..

  13. Banji
    18 Jul 07 10:28 am

    noushy – beautifully explained. the one person who we fall for deserve the very best from us and nothing less..

    if not who else?

    filantera – 🙂 quote corrected, you may proceed

  14. pocket
    18 Jul 07 2:47 pm

    marry her not the one u can live with
    but the one u cant live without …
    tte … ado kena mengena ker ngan
    tajuk kita ari ni heh:D

    or …

    kawan biar sribu…
    bercinta biar pat…
    yg nak kawin tu satuu…
    yg lain tu spe pat…

    yg ni bercanggah la pla ..heh sorry

  15. banji
    18 Jul 07 3:51 pm

    pocket – hehe quote pertama tu worth memorized for its meaning, yg kedua tu pun worth memorized for a totally different reason 🙂

  16. gina marna
    19 Jul 07 1:58 am

    beri semua untuk dia tapi tinggalkan juga sedikit untuk dirimu…kdg2 dgn kerja pun begitu jugak..pada gina lah.

    ade gak org kata,

    ‘cinta itu ibarat kurap makin digaru makin sedap’..hehehe patut x

  17. banji
    19 Jul 07 2:29 am

    gina – rasanya ‘semua’ dlm quote u tu bukan bermaksud 100pc, ia lebih kepada ‘sebanyak mungkin’, betul x analisis ni? sbb kalau dah 100 pc, mana boleh ada pc yg boleh disimpan.

    bandingkan cinta dgn kurap.. ew but true. lebih kurg sad but true la eheh

  18. intankamaruddin
    19 Jul 07 6:36 am

    Love deeply and passionately, but at the same time spare some space for any unexpected turn, should anything happen takde lah sampai tak larat nak bangun balik. 1% is enough kot. Combination of both quotes. Hehe.

  19. banji
    19 Jul 07 7:24 am

    intan – ye la kita hanya mampu merancang kan, ntah apa la akan terjadi, so kena sentiasa ada plan b, x gitu?

  20. 25 Nov 07 8:53 pm

    i prefer da 1st quote. lgpn, yg 1% for hate tuh leh jd ntuk 1% for starting new love with sumone new. dats da plan b i guess. =P
    hehe. lgp, kalau da cinta sparuh mati.. da break pn, kalau dat person our true love, mmg ssh nk benci. lupa maybe bole. tp nk benci… ntahlah.

  21. banji
    26 Nov 07 1:04 am

    aReNieX – tu cara yg baik utk utilizekan 1% tu 🙂 beri diri kita peluang utk start afresh..

    apa pun, bila break tak semestinya jadi benci, cuma takut la kdg2 dia buat sesuatu yg kita benci, at least sentiasa ada ruang utk tu.. 🙂 welcome to the blog areniex

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