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They say, blogging should be anonymous, (Who’s them? I don’t know.. I just make it up). Anyway, I believe it depends on the actual purpose of your blogging, if you want to blog about sensitive things, you might as well keep your identity hidden. As for me, my main reason to blog is to share my thoughts and find new friends in the process. And as we know, friends should know each other, at least at some basic level. So this entry is dedicated to introduce myself to all of you. And if there is any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Why banji?
My name is Mohamad Zaki. Banji is actually what my family and friends been calling me. Apparently when I started talking I seemed to refer to myself with that name. It started with Bang Ji and later shorten to banji.

Fact and Figures?
Born on chrismas 1977 in Kedah, I am the eldest of three. My younger brothers are introduced previously by the blognick pocket and filantera. Married to a wonderful woman on August 2006. Blessed by a princess born on May 2008. That should cover the facts. About figure… I have no figure hehe, the weight is steadily increasing though

How about education?
Well, it started off quite beautifully with me going to religious school i.e. Maktab Mahmud in Alor Setar and KISAS in Klang. But since I’m more inclined to engineering, I decided to take my A Level in PPP UiTM (Shah Alam). However due to the recession, they can’t send us oversea. I was however offered a place in UTP in Tronoh. It was there I graduated in Chemical Engineering. Even though I’ doing engineering, I am still passionate on learning other subjects, psychology, Islam, culture and thus this blog.

Career Wise?
A lot of part time job, which I’m not going into detail. Currently I am working in a palm oil mill in Sabah. This is my third posting. Previously I was in Bahau Negeri Sembilan and before that in Kluang Johor. As you may already know, the mill will extract oil and kernel from the fruit, So my main job is actually to optimize the efficiency of the process among other things such as maintenance and administration.

If any of you would want to know better, feel free to drop by. I will gladly give you a grand tour.

Hm I define interest as things we would do gladly anytime of the day. So my primary interest would be on internet. I can spend hours stuck like a glue surfing new sites, reading through blogs. It may sound so cliche but I really like to learn new stuff over the internet. I did learn HTML and Javascript totally from the net, quite proud of it also huhu.

My secondary interest would be martial art. These days, martial arts are more towards the maintenance of health both physically and mentally. Still, I believe people who learn how to self defence had better chance of surviving an attack be it robbery or harassment.


Okay, now that’s about it. Now that we’re properly introduced… there should be no reason, we can’t be friend, right? 🙂

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  1. syahidatul
    22 Jul 07 5:59 pm

    ouh, so now I can know who was I talking to… 😉

  2. Banji
    23 Jul 07 12:52 am

    syahidatul – itulah tujuannya pun, 🙂

  3. k o r o m y s t
    23 Jul 07 5:18 am

    Martial arts are cool stuff. Silat would probably be the choices of Malays though I myself am not really interested ahahah xD

    Dunno why, but rather irked with the bunga-bunga langkah. I mean, if one were to do those bunga2 silat, I don’t think their opponent would wait and watch T_______T Well, at least not in this era. If zaman dulu2, okay since the opponents themselves would gladly show off their bunga2 silat as well.

  4. Banji
    23 Jul 07 9:51 am

    koromyst – To tell you the truth, that is one of the wrong perception of Silat. And unfortunately for us, nobody come forward to correct it.

    All the “bunga” are just for show only like those in wedding ceremony, during real fight, it will be very different. 🙂

    But that’s the thing, so many Silat organization failed to highlight this and thus the wrong idea.

  5. 09 Aug 08 11:48 pm

    Finally, I know who Banji is. Well.. pleasure meeting u online and great knowing you now. Keep ur with ur blog. It is trully inspiring.

    Yours truly,

  6. banji
    10 Aug 08 12:05 am

    AkakPokPek – Thank you for taking the time to know me. And thank you for supporting this humble blog. Without your support, I will most probably be doing something else right now 🙂

    Do let me know if there’s anything I can do for you kay

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