Summary – How “Periuk” and “Kerak” explain life

For those who may not recognize the superhero wearing the red mask in the previous entry, he is Flash Gordon, one of the superheroes in comics. He is able to move faster than superman (shown in Smallville).

Imagine, if we were blessed with the ability to move that fast, what do we do with it? I personally will be able to go back to Kedah on a daily basis, Maybe visit each country around the world one every weekend. Finished all my work around the mill in minutes. Wow if only…

Seriously… if I am able to move that fast, do you think I will be able to do everything? No… I will not.

There is a Malay idiom that says – “Lagi besar periuk, lagi besar keraknya”, hm I’m not sure what “kerak” is in English. Somebody who knows, please help. It is those burnt rice left stuck to the pot. But generally it means that the more you get, the more it will take from you.

For example, when I am a student, I was given a monthly allowance of RM220 per month. Inflation aside, I was able to enjoy my life even with only RM220. I am still able to go ice skating at Sunway Pyramid once in two weeks. Still able to eat “decent” food, and even gain extra kg.

I was thinking, hmm when I started working, and my salary is within the 4 digit figure. I will live like kings. 🙂 Now that I’m working, I really do live like King… King Kong hahah. (That was before you… dear <– meant for my wife eheh).

During my bachelor working years, to my surprise, I’m still living from paycheck to paycheck. Not much money to do that round the Malaysia trip I dreamt etc. Of course I had commitments like new bills, the cars, the saving for marriage etc.

The more money I get, the more bills I have to pay, I guess it is because our lifestyle adapt to the changes in our life.

This does not only cover financial changes. Apparently other thing as well, like –

  • the more paperwork I finished, the more will pile up by the end of the day.
  • my gmail inbox, it seems the more GB of storage I was given, the more spam I received.

Isn’t life weird?

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  1. drNO
    30 Jul 07 6:44 pm

    everything is so true.
    when i was still a student..rm300 is more than enough.
    but now…hmmm…

  2. Noushy Syah
    30 Jul 07 9:06 pm

    The bigger income you have the bigger you spend!! That’s natural, I guess, the ‘taste’ also goes up…for some people anyway hehhehe…

    kerak nasi=crust’

  3. filantera
    31 Jul 07 12:44 am

    hehehehehh then can i say, in other word…

    ~dont do more paperwork!then it will come again and again

    ~dont seek for better salary, then the credit will go up and up!

    hmmmmmm basically, mmg betul lagi besar periuk lagi besar kerak, but dont look at the keraklah, look at the amount of nasi we can make, amount of people we can serve.

    the more gaji we had, kita boleh sedekahh lebih lagi sepatutnye, kita bleh travel here and there more, kita bleh seek byk benda baru…lagi.

    remember when we go to supermarket with RM 10 in hand, where basically kita congak(count) eth before head to counter….now dah tak kan….sumbat jer dlm troli. (except the tin susu…hahahahh sorry banji mama tell me this story)

    dun wanna make this comment as long as the post, basic word, apa saiz periuk kita pun, do njoy!!

  4. Banji
    31 Jul 07 1:02 am

    drno – kan? my guess even if the paycheck reach 5 digit, it will still be not enough.

    noushy – thanx for the translation, i somehow know u’ll be the one saving the day,

    ‘taste’ definitely go up, if previously our attire is brandless now we are familiar with johm master, cap payung huhu etc. not that its wrong. we definitely deserve a better life. 🙂

  5. Banji
    31 Jul 07 1:20 am

    filantera-interesting point u hv there,’kerak semakin besar,carilh periuk yg lebih besar’.i guess both of them are interrelated.

    instead of looking at ‘kerak’,look at the ‘nasi’ is also a brilliant pov.think positive,if we keep looking at the liabilities (kerak),we’ll always feel life a burden,n never take d time to appreciate what we had,d lives we touch.nicely done bro.

    ps mama should know d risk of shopping with me eheh

  6. kakLuna
    31 Jul 07 3:52 am

    lagi banyak kita bersedekah, lebih murah rezeki selepas itu

  7. Banji
    31 Jul 07 4:39 am

    kakluna – tu janji Allah, pasti akan ditunaikan. mcm mana bentuk rezeki Dia nak bagi, hanya Dia yg mengetahui 🙂

  8. intankamaruddin
    31 Jul 07 6:47 am

    Hehe. What if kite letak bnyk2 air dlm cooker n kacau je? Mst takde crust kan?

    Agree! It’s not something bad if we spend more with more income. That’s where the money goes. To a better life! Quality clothing, faster cars and prettier wife(s).

    (And with filantera’s more nasik, we also get bigger bellies!)

    Conclusion: Work for life. 😀

  9. Banji
    31 Jul 07 7:41 am

    intan – hopefully x jadi cara2 masak nasi eheh joking only.

    setuju dgn phrase tu-thats where the money goes,a better life.

    kena selalu tgk apa yg kita ada dan dapat, dari menyesal apa yg kita x dpt

    good one intan

  10. pocket
    31 Jul 07 2:59 pm

    but then…
    mine is different…
    umph… sekarang dpt banyak sket…
    makan banyak sket…
    i wonder what will we eat when we
    have monthly incoming of 20k yer?

  11. Banji
    31 Jul 07 3:25 pm

    pocket – harapnya masih lagi nasi lah, jgn time tu kite dah kena start bayar utk oxygen udah 🙂

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