Summary – A tribute to one great event in Islam, Israk Mikraj

This is a story derived from mere imagination.

One day I drove back to KL which is about 100 km from my place. The journey usually took me about 1 hour maximum,

Apparently I was not alone, there was an ant hitching a ride on my windscreen. I completely ignored it after a few attempt to knock it off with my wiper fail.

After I finished my task in KL, I drove back home. To my surprise, the ant was still there.

When I reached home, the ant (now known as ant A) somehow reunited with its friend (another ant B) and they started chatting

A – do you know where have I been?
B – Kitchen?

A – Wrong!! hehe I know you wouldn’t believe this, but I was in KL just now?
B – KL? that was like 10,000,000 cm away!!! You must be crazy

A – it’s true… And I was there about an hour ago, now I’m back..
B – you must be dehydrated. Go find yourself some water (still does not believe ant A).

/end story

Do you believe ant A? There’s no reason why not. Since we know the whole story, and it is not only possible for us to travel 100km in 1 hour, it is actually considered slow by some people.

The same question was raised over 1400 years ago. How could the Prophet Muhamad was taken on isra’ mi’raj journey. All the way to Sidratul Muntaha in one night.

Isra’ Mi’raj happened on the 27th of Rejab which was on last Saturday. This is a tribute to the great event.

Disclaimer – AT NO POINT, I’m referring the Prophet Muhamad as an ant, the story was just to describe how the travel is actually possible and that we just don’t have that level of technology or knowledge to even understand it yet.

Hopefully we will benefit from other great lesson from the event.

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  1. |dAia|
    14 Aug 07 4:50 pm

    nice metaphore.

  2. banji
    14 Aug 07 5:10 pm

    thanx daia… 🙂

  3. syahidatul
    14 Aug 07 11:34 pm

    Actually, the real date of the Israk Imkraj is not known. 27th Rejab isn’t really the date. It’s just for the matter of a formal day to remember Israk Mikraj.

  4. Banji
    15 Aug 07 12:54 am

    syahidatul – really? ill check it up. thanx for the correction ya 🙂

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