Summary – Ideas come first in a team, then comes the work.

Watched CSI yesterday on ntv7. Typical CSI series as always. By the way, love the series… hehe

Do excuse the entry if you’re not a fan of the tv series. One thing I noticed from the show is that the CSI team always think out loud. When they see a small fiber, they will say it out loud.. “There’s a fibre there, which shouldn’t be there” or even when they are alone, they will speak up. highlighting this and that. Why ya? did they do that? The reason are maybe as follows –

1) They are acting.. and in real life, police may work quietly, But if they do the series quietly, it will be one dull series. Unfortunately.. I believe this is the actual reason why they speak up every piece of their mind.

2) Many heads are always better than one head. Usually with these guys, time are always against them, they need to solve the case ASAP. so by highlighting what they see to the rest of the team, all will be updated simulataneously and maybe some other guys have better insight on the things. So guys… this is actually how a team should be.

I remember when I was studying. For one of our subject, we were put into a group of 5. Our group consist of 4 Malays and one foreigner from Turkmenistan. And as always, our group tends to discuss everything in Malay. So he is very pissed everytime the meeting was held (I can’t blame him). To cut things short.. the foreign student finally gave up and instead of supporting with his creative ideas, he just did all the work. Shame on us…

I guess we might have gotten better grade in that subject if we allowed his creativity and ideas to be discussed. He is one of the best student there.

The lesson I learnt from this is not from my proudest experience. But for the record, the foreign student was staying in the same block with me, and most of the time, after the meeting, I will describe to him what the meeting is all about. Most of the time… *Sigh

Conclusion – the reason teams are formed is to share the ideas, not to share the work. Work, anyone can do.. Ideas, can only surface if everyone support each other.Anything else from the show that you might noticed?

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  1. aRa
    03 Sep 07 5:16 pm

    Man…i’m a CSI die hard fan..Just watch CSI NY and can’t wait 2 watch the season finale next week..Watch all CSI(Nevada,Miami,NY)..

  2. filantera
    04 Sep 07 12:31 am

    great interpretation!

    one thing i like is, all the members always keep on update on their work ahead of the time….

    not like me hehe

  3. Banji
    04 Sep 07 1:40 am

    ara – me too :). one of my fav episode is when so many people try to kill this guy, with arrow, allergy etc. but in the end he died of natural causes eheh

  4. Banji
    04 Sep 07 1:43 am

    ahead of the time.. good observation. i myself need to improve in that particular area 🙂

    outdating ppl eheh

  5. Rockafella Gurl
    04 Sep 07 1:54 am

    i lurve all da CSI series! i lurve science!

  6. Banji
    04 Sep 07 8:50 am

    yanz – another thing about the show is how they go to great length just to explain the process. with all the graphic n animation until we can even see how a poison work its way into the body eheh. kudos

  7. Shah
    04 Sep 07 12:30 pm

    Love the shows but can’t stand the way Horatio often gets into one of his overly dramatic poses…

  8. banji
    04 Sep 07 12:54 pm

    shah – ahaha agree! there’s even one youtube video showing jim carrey immitate horatio’s cool exit line.

    He is the most dramatic when exitting from a scene 🙂

    Still…. loving the series

  9. aRa
    04 Sep 07 4:24 pm

    eventhough Horatio always do his overly dramatic poses…i still like his dramatic style..Different from others!!!..His my fav actually…Agagagaga..U go Horatio..

  10. Banji
    04 Sep 07 5:26 pm

    aRa – well he is definitely different.. 🙂 and that what’s make the story even more interesting to watch

  11. Anonymous
    05 Sep 07 5:38 am

    suka jgk siri tu..sebenarnye siaran ditggu sbb mlm tu jeh yg tgk tv nye..

    antra pngajaran yg dpt..sehebat mana pun kiter,bila dh mati jd cam tuh jer yer?..terbongkang atas katil besi tuh(bdasarkan dlm citer tu la…hehe)

    lps tu,dibelah,dikorek org pulak!hhiii..insafnye aku..-xyamani

  12. Banji
    05 Sep 07 8:03 am

    xyamani – 🙂 thats the way. xde yg lebih menginsafkan dari kematian. raja ke kuli ke sama je sakit dia

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