Summary – A little selfish wont hurt..

Today’s the last day of my medical leave. Unfortunately, there’s some sign that my eye is better. Again.. unfortunately. Nevertheless it’s still a good thing that I was given the leave. Now why do I say it’s good? Here’s why..

I can actually spend time to do other thing. like finishing up the Harry Potter book, resting, and doing some little projects. I wonder why I cannot do this during my day off every week. I guess when it’s your day off, you just want to rest. No more working.

Come to think of it, maybe that’s why we are so frustrated with work. We work and we work every single day, and when it comes to our day off, we just spend it resting (with the intention to gather strength for another series of work the next week). Some spend it by doing chores that cannot be done on weekdays. This chores are usually not that fun, like doing laundry, cleaning the house etc. It’s like work… without the paycheck. No wonder we are stressed out, we are working every single second of our life.

Seriously I realize this yesterday, that we really need to take some time for ourselves. Allocate some time to do what we want to do. For example, me with reading the book. or surf the web… not to find material for your blog, but just because you want to.

Can I ask you, at this moment… what do you want to do for yourself? Something that you like to do, without having no other benefit except your satisfaction.

I try to come up with some things that we can do just for our own pleasure. Maybe you can add more to it?

  • watch sunrise (at least once a week)
  • take leave from work and go see a movie of your choice alone
  • play music and do nothing but listen
  • buy a watercolor and draw an abstract drawing
  • make a robot from bottles and wires

Conclusion – What we do every single day almost always for someone else, or for getting some benefit from it like paycheck, recognition etc. we never spend time for ourselves. It’s true we must not be selfish, but our own time, our own activity is very important for us to realize that we really living a life.

————–Personal Note————-
After finishing Harry Potter, I’m going to find if there is any Silat training here at my place. Anything will do.. I really love practising Silat, not that I am any good :)Just simply love the art

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  1. wilda
    26 Sep 07 3:16 am

    salam r u n ur mrs? hrp semua ok..:)

    tgh wat tugasan (ponteng kelas-hopefully nama saya x kena ban dr amik exam) saya ponteng just to finish this tgsn up and pass it to my group members..tetiba stuck,(otak tepu-xde idea tiba2) so decided to jenguk sini..:)

    kebetulan topik entry ni mcm ade kena mengena dgn keadaan saya. hehe..

    what i wanted to do depends on how much time given..(and this time,imagine that no assignment awaits me.hahah)

    half a day= go watch movie..amik couple sit sorang2..berbekalkn popcorn n large coke..heheh..or maybe buat facial ke..mmm (bergantung pd duit…:p )

    whole day= habiskn semua buku2 yg baca sekerat jln..kemas2 rumah..habiskn menjahit baju2 yg skerat jln..masak2 resepi2 yg dh lama nk try (sempat x nk wat dlm 1 hari?)

    2 days= camping near waterfall memane kat malaysia..sambil2 muhasabah diri..:) (this i cannot do it alone, terpaksa seret sape2 yg share the same interest teman..but sorang teman dh cukup..nama pun spend the time alone kn? hehe)

    saya rase paling lama pun 2 hari jela..if i was given two days to do what i like pun, dh cukup cukup lucky dh..;)..if ever i will be given more than 2 days, than i may take only two days for myself and spend masa lain with my family, n frens..:)

    p/s..banji blaja silat ape? saya bekas pelajar silat cekak..sempat blaja setahun je..teringin nk smbg tp x tahu kat mane..bnyk lg tempat blaja taekwando.huhu..

  2. filantera
    26 Sep 07 3:26 am

    if i were to be given extra 1 hour – nak pi gym:P

    1 day – nak gi servis keta
    2 days – nak pi pulau pangkor
    3 days – nak gi cat umah
    a week – nak kawin!

  3. azuwachan
    26 Sep 07 3:36 am

    ha!! if you’d like to learn something new, and as you had told us that u love art, why don’t you try to do music??
    I know guys like to play guitar so why don’t you try guitar? See if you have the talent or not.
    if not, then try other things, like painting, dancing or simply create a short story. It’ll be fun and who knows, one day u’ll get the benefits =)
    as for me, I could spend the whole day playing instruments, whether for the sake of training, or for shows or saja gatal-gatal. kalau ada kawan jamming sama2, lagi syok!! and yes, not only I could improve my skills, I also will feel the fun and satisfied!! that’s how I relax myself from all the tense =)
    so how, bang banji??

  4. azuwachan
    26 Sep 07 3:42 am

    oh, and to learn all these things you shouldn’t be stingy in paying the bill. takde ilmu yg takde harga, unless kalau belajar dgn kawan2 atau orang2 lama yg akan torture kite dgn disiplin yg sgt tinggi, huhu~ tp kalau sanggup ape salahnye, kan =)

    p/s: did you remember my sensei I mentioned not long ago? he told us that one time dia berguru dgn seorang gamelan expert ni dr Ganu (dah arwah dah pon atok sorang ni), dia kena main bonang tu selama 30 mnts!! haa… dasyat kan?? tp tu yg the best sbnrnye, sbb dia ajar supaya kita berdisiplin and supaya kita biasa dgn alat tu. no wonder la my sensei tu hebat!! x)

  5. Banji
    26 Sep 07 5:26 am

    wilda – faham.. saya dulu pun banyak ponteng kelas utk siapkan assignment gak, kdg2 ponteng kelas, tapi tak buat jugak assignment tu huhu,

    good for u that u know exactly what ure going to do. bile2 ada masa, boleh terus buat 🙂 takyah pikir dah nak buat apa. idea yg best.. boleh ditiru, terutama part gi waterfall tu, lama sgt tak gi

    pasal silat tu, ada le jugak belajar silat gayong. satu rumah semua budak silat. cekak hanafi n gayong. kat sini pun ada ternampak ari tu ada gelanggang cekak malaysia, ingat nak join lah. abih keje pegi 🙂

  6. Banji
    26 Sep 07 5:28 am

    filantera – seminggu terus nak kawin? wah.. bukan senang ooo 🙂

    yg nak menolong ni pun akan jadi lebih kelam kabut hehe

  7. Banji
    26 Sep 07 5:33 am

    azuwachan – yes, i do play guitar. if you can call playing one song over and over again “playing guitar” la 🙂

    hm come to think of it, I should start playing back. download some tab from the internet and play. Wish me luck!!

    you did say playing instrument.. guitar? or angklung?

    and I do agree with you that knowledge comes with a price. Must not be stingy. if not money, it will be time.

    Sometimes there’s so many things to do, that nothing is done heheh. Guitar first ok. 🙂

  8. intankamaruddin
    26 Sep 07 7:10 pm

    I wanna cuddle in my fur blanket and watch tv series..

  9. banji
    27 Sep 07 2:53 am

    intan – erk takde fur blanket.. tapi mmg one of my hobby is to watch tv series, the good one of course :

    heroes season 2 🙂

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