Summary – Lesson learnt from Pasar Malam

With the new template going on, it does feel a bit like preparing for raya at home.. changing new curtains or repainting the house. Very exciting.. Hopefully everything is ok with the new template. Do inform me if there is anything I can help you with.

Yesterday I actually went to the first bazar Ramadhan this year. Well, you have to understand that going out of an estate is hardwork, so I very seldom went out. The bazar here at my place is not that grand if compared to back home in Kedah, but there is still lots of yummy food around πŸ™‚

I remembered an advice given by my brother, which I am going to share it with you.

Life is very much like a “pasar malam” (in this specific case, a bazar ramadhan), everyone go there. Some know exactly what to look for, Some still has no idea and want to look at the option of food available. Some just go there to flirt with girls. In the end, what you did in a “pasar malam”, or where you went are not important. What important is what do you bring home.

We are all given each 24 hours. Everyone will have to go through the same 24 hours – criminals, loitering youth, the dance teacher, the prime minister, and even Rasulullah. So what are we bringing home from the 24 hours? Do we even know our reason going to this “pasar malam”? or are we just walking around aimlessly.. and in the end we brought back those colorful tents home. which is clearly not what we’re supposed to buy.

So what do you do at 6am? 7am? how long do we really need to sleep? Where can we squeeze out more time for us? Seriously I read a lot of self-managing books, but in my opinion this “Pasar Malam” concept is a good approach simply because we can associate the feeling of wasting time when we go to a “pasar malam” and return home empty handed… Don’t you think so?

How do you remind yourself to be aware of time? any secrets or tips?

————–Personal Note————-
I heard a quote in the tv the other day – “Bukan masa yang terlalu cepat, kita sebenarnya yang terlalu lambat”. Really make sense…

By the way, Mertabak here is very expensive. Cost me RM1.80 each, but I have no choice but to buy because the mrs ask for them… It’s a good thing she crave for things buyable eheh πŸ™‚ Foods are getting more expensive each day isn’t it? and getting smaller too

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  1. azuwachan
    28 Sep 07 4:09 am

    your today’s entry and mine’s yesterday entry do have the same idea about time.
    while you think we are the one who’re too late, I thought that the time is too fast, huhu~ two different ideas but somehow they are related, aite?? x)

  2. Banji
    28 Sep 07 9:24 am

    azuwachan – try to go to your blog to read, but apparently urs is under renovation is it? Ill visit later

    about time, I once had the same idea, that time is actually moving fast, but only in perspective point of view πŸ™‚ The entry Slow Mo and Fast Forwarding time describe it better

  3. intankamaruddin
    28 Sep 07 1:41 pm

    whenever i waste my time over the net (like i’m doing now, but this is beneficial read what?), i look at my pile of books n notes and that usually snaps me back to reality..

    1.80 mahal! kat my place (klntn) paling mahal yg bnyk daging 1.50 je tp bile dh too stuffed inside rasa die dah tak sedap, so yg 1.00 lagi sedap wpun sket je inti. hehe. talk abt simpler things make u happier. heh.

    banji tanak do anything ke abt ur format kat entry tu? no break btwn paragraphs..

    waiting to see til ur “home” is fully renovated!

  4. Noushy Syah
    28 Sep 07 2:16 pm

    Everybody knows and aware that time is precious….

    Little by little,time goes by,
    Short if you laugh,
    and long if you sigh!….

    The concept is pretty clear either way, it’s up to US to make it to the fullest..

  5. Banji
    28 Sep 07 5:05 pm

    intan – we will definitely need a reminder to “snap us back to reality” (quoting u) πŸ™‚

    I used to make full use of my timer in my handphone. If I go watch tv, I will set it at 30 minutes or so, when it rang, I have to switch off the tv immediately. and continue my work.

    Did I mention I USED to? heheh now have to come up with better method

    about the no break btween para – fixed πŸ™‚ and yes the blog is still 50% finished.. just have to find the time to study and apply. thanx for the feedback ya intan

  6. Banji
    28 Sep 07 5:08 pm

    noushy – and yet so many of us wasting time πŸ™‚ or just don’t have a clue as to what can be done

    but I really like that short rhyme there. Is it a well known phrase? Memorizing it right away πŸ™‚

  7. Noushy Syah
    28 Sep 07 9:52 pm’s part of my bedtime stories given by my mum when I was a little gal…perhaps from famous quotation or she might just invented by herself..not that sure, but it remains with me…

  8. intankamaruddin
    29 Sep 07 3:26 am

    Hehe no problemo banji!

  9. banji
    29 Sep 07 5:37 am

    noushy – she is well remembered πŸ™‚

    intan – πŸ™‚

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