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You lost your remote control and the television started to show a horribly boring soap drama, with no good looking actor/actress at all. you start praying so that the remote resurfaces. Suddenly it’s there right on the dining table. You don’t care how weird to find it there even though you can never watch tv from there. All you’re thinking right now is there’s the remote. Now imagine you lost a remote for 15 years!

Yesterday, an old old friend of mine contacted me via comment on Extinct Heritage with the nick “anonymous”. Even though he did not revealed his name, he gave clues for me to guess who he is. He must have his reason for being anonymous, so I’m going to respect that. I’m going to refer to him as NS 🙂

Like the quest for finding the remote, I’ve actually been looking for him since ever. I tried his emails, I even planned to go to Kulim, where he used to live. However my only memory on how to go to his house is just the bus station, nothing else. It’s been 15 years and finally my best friend contacted me 🙂

And the fact that he found me via the blog is an extra bonus.. search engine really works! (I actually mentioned his name several times in my previous post)

So please excuse today’s post when it is a bit personal in nature. Not everyday you found a lost friend. And I can assure you, the feeling is pretty much like when you found that remote control. Not that I equate friendship with a remote control, you know what I mean. I’m just happy and thankful.

So to my fellow friends.. how about you? I bet you too are a long lost friend to someone. Why not give this same feeling I’m having to your long lost friend. This is what you should do

1) Go through your email address list and email one.. saying hi
2) or pick JUST ONE of your friendster / myspace friend and message him
3) or SMS one friend you had never contacted before.
4) or just pick up the phone and call him/her

Come guys… join me in this PICK ONE FRIEND project just after you read this, and then if you want, tell me about it in the additional ideas section. It can be from what response you get, or just how long you haven’t contacted him/her. The important thing is today, you contacted one long lost friend.

PICK ONE FRIEND project starts now! 🙂

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  1. 31 Oct 07 10:11 am

    let me start.. I actually called an old friend of mine, he is Omar from Johor, He’s actually around 45 years old.

    When I first started working, he was the one who help me get started, give me some plate and “periuk”, send me food sometimes.. I owe him, and I haven’t heard from him since I was transfered here in Negeri Sembilan.

    Nice to hear from him 🙂

  2. 31 Oct 07 10:18 am

    3 hari lepas gina dapat sms drpd sorang kawan…syok jer berbalas sms tapi lupa nak tanya dr mana dpt nombo gina & siapa dia tuu..hehe silly me. lepas ni gina kene call dialah.. 😀

  3. 31 Oct 07 12:18 pm

    I recently found several hp num of my friend back when i was still in college..It was great..Memula nak mainkan diaorg dulu but after i dah fkr masak2..better don’t..Ye la..dah lama tak jmpa..nak2 depa dah kawin..mampus bini depa mrh..Agagagaga..

    Tapi mmg best la keep in touch ngan member lama..I even still in touch with my old friend masa umo 8thn..Dia pindah Sitiawan masa umo kitaorg 9-10 thn mcm 2..Walau berjauhan..kitaorg still berhubung..Now she’s in Rome,Italy..masih gak contact each other via email..Tapi 2 la..rindu nak jmpa..InsyaAllah next year dia balik leh la jmpa..

    Cerita sal remote td..I teringat kat someone ar..He mistake his remote control ngan hp..Alik2 bw p opis bkn hp tapi remote control..Agagagaga..2 la akibatnya klo org lambat bgn and bergegas nak p opis..Agagaga..

  4. 31 Oct 07 1:03 pm

    to get in touch with a long lost friend is pretty interesting.. i just got a call from a friend, whom I have not spoken to for the past 10 years maybe.. she just got herself twins.. and is married to our classmate.. surprise!!! surprise!! but a pleasant one..

    a note of caution, kulim has changed a lot these past few years.. better get the info rite.. u might get lost…

  5. 31 Oct 07 1:24 pm

    gina – tak tau siapa dia? agaknya mula2 salah sms kut? elok gak berkenalan mcm tu, tapi hati2 ye… mcm2 skrg ni 🙂

    aRa – aRa’s back!!

    “Real friends are the ones who survive transitions between address books”.. telefon la diorg, mesti surprise nanti.. dan sure there’s a lot to catch up 🙂

    kawan umur 8 tahun?? wah respek!! sy ingat umur 8 tahun kena denda junjung kerusi dan jalan dari gate sampai kantin je heheh sbb penolong ketua kelas pun bising 🙂 good for u, distance nowadays is never an excuse to stop contacting each other, so many ways to do it..

    and I laugh out loud just now reading the remote story… hahah mesti kena gelak ngan budak2 office heheh funny!

  6. 31 Oct 07 1:28 pm

    lin – that’s a really nice surprise. now u have actually be in touch with two of ur classmates 🙂

    Kulim has changed?? I guess so, heard so many development there, thanx for the warning huhu,

    NS – hai.. still waiting for ur email, my email address is at the front page there, under my picture 🙂

  7. 31 Oct 07 10:43 pm

    yeah…NS.. would really luv to see u now.
    u might as well look a bit like shahrukh khan now 😀
    Bob… he was last seen selling mee goreng talam at shah alam…

  8. banji
    01 Nov 07 12:20 am

    Last time I saw NS, he is already chubby 🙂 I’m very sure now that he’s married… we will see improvement. hehe

    NS missing again?

    bob… now I would really like to see him again. 🙂

  9. 02 Nov 07 10:08 am

    I would say friendster played a big role in my own “jejak kasih”

    I still keep in touch with a group of my primary school friends.. and we make an effort to gather at least twice a year.. and most of the time, we will also invite any friend who was also from our batch whom we can trace or terjejak kasih to join our gathering..

    The best part was last Ramadhan when i met maria.. during our iftar( one of the annual gathering) ..we used to be very close but when we were in std 3 or 4,her father was transfered to KL .. and i haven’t heard from her until recently.. wahahaha.. gelak sakan kiterang.. dulu comot2 ajer seme..sekarang.. wahaha

    after about 15 years..finally i met her, .. ..duhh i feel old..

    byk lagi kisah jejak kasih yang lain tapi yang ni paling lama lah..15 tahun..dulu kecik lagi…sama pakai pinafore makan aiskrim pi sekolah..sekarang dah nak jadi mak orang.. huuhh big difference but still, we can recognize each other..

    nice ..

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