Summary – Ask question.. and be forgiving

Reading previous post by Ms Azuwachan, kept me thinking… we really don’t actually know who we are. don’t you think? Yes we know all the basic stuff, name, dob, favorite food etc etc. But we will only know our true self if we think about it. For example, by asking what’s the reason Azuwachan is a quiet girl, she will learn more about herself, maybe that she like to have control of her feeling, she observe and learn from things and people around her etc.

Which lead to a more interesting question, do we know who we really are? Do I know whether or not, I am a humble person, or an egoist? what makes me angry? What makes me smile? Even if I make a list of 1000 things that make me smile, I can guarantee you that the list will never end.

So a conclusion I can make is

  • We really need to know about ourself, and the only way we can do that is by asking question. Ask question like, what kind of people I like or hate, or when people beg for money, what’s the condition that I will spare him/her some change?
  • The answers to your question will give you a clearer picture of who you are. and it will act as a guide to you living your life.
  • The answers will be a never-ending list. It doesn’t need to be perfect. As long as you know yourself better… you will do just fine 🙂

An interesting scenario very related to this – Let us assume a girl is 25 years old, and she has a boyfriend. One problem with the couple is that they always quarrel with each other. And when asked, the girl will say that the boyfriend never understand her. It can be the other way around, the boyfriend claimed that the girl never understand him.

According to the idea presented, that we will never completely know ourself, don’t you think the girl should give the boyfriend a break if he misunderstoof her sometimes? I mean, for 25 years the girl is learning about herself and still doesn’t quite know who she is. How can she expect a mere mortal that she just knew for 2 months to completely understand her.

So please give your spouse a break if he/she misunderstood you. He/she is definitely trying his/her best. And I really think that deserve to be appreciated, at least by a simple forgiveness once in a while, don’t you agree? 🙂

A question for you… what do you think is the most important question we need to ask ourself? Can I know your thought on this?

————– Personal Note ————-
Just an update, dearest mother is getting better. Yesterday, the bp had dropped from 193/120 to 140/94. She was discharged from the hospital and now is staying with me resting. Thanx to all wishing and praying for my mother’s health. Only Allah will repay your kindness.

Another good example for today’s entry, we never know our blood pressure unless we go see a doctor and check 🙂

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  1. filantera
    16 Nov 07 8:29 am


    the other to know ourselves is by asking our enemy!
    saper? tanya ur ex hehehheh
    she/he will always have a better answer…………………

  2. gina
    16 Nov 07 11:33 am

    sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit..lalalaa..:)

    alhamdulillah kalo emak banji dah ok..

  3. 16 Nov 07 12:49 pm

    Banji..the question that i usually ask myself..Am i strong enough 2 face the world??I always ask this question even in my blog i do question it..Sbnr nya dr menanyakan diri sdiri la kita leh motivate diri sdiri..Bila i ngah blur2..or menggong..biasa akan tanya pada diri sdiri la..then bila i dah ade jawapan pda pertanyaan itew…i akan lega..ehehehehe…

    I agree ngan filantera..ask ur enemy..Agagaga..dedulu i selalu tnya kwn/musuh kat kolej ape yg dia tak puas ati ngan i..bila dia bgtau..fikir/kaji smula..then bertindak..

    Syukur alhamdullilah ur mum oledi fine now..Ingat ek..bg ur mum drink green apple juice..Buat sdiri ek..Klo kat kedai biasa tambah gula..kurang apple la..bt sdiri lagi baik..tarak campuran lain..

  4. banji
    16 Nov 07 10:20 pm

    filantera – setuju! musuh kita mmg banyak yg tak puas hati dgn kita, 80% mungkin tak masuk akal, tapi 20% lagi pasti tepat 🙂 definitely a very good way to know oneself

    gina – hehe lagu pramlee 🙂 biasalah kan.. bergaduh2 dlm relationship ni, just jgn bawak kehati.. dan dua2 ada niat nak selesaikan. should be ok

    aRa – 2 face the world ya? hmmm thats tough. tapi rasanya… Allah tak letakkan kita didunia ni kalau kita tak mampu nak tangani nya 🙂 so kita mungkin tak tau, tapi kita mmg mampu hadapi the world. cuma mungkin kena ingatkan selalu mcm yg ara buat.

    good question aRa 🙂

    All – alhamdulillah, the mother is getting better, but I will see to it that she do follow up check. so far she is able to control her diet. and that’s a good sign. Now I only need to motivate her doing exercise. I am having trouble motivating myself with the exercise heheheh

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