Summary – Why get into trouble

I am in pain! not any kind of pain, the kind of pain that you suddenly do not have any desire to eat, all food taste ordinary..

I bit my tongue….

Do you remember the song P.Ramlee sang in the movie – Tiga Abdul? “Sedangkan Lidah Lagi Tergigit, Apa Pula Suami Isteri?”. Roughly translated, even the tongue sometimes bitten, so does the relationship between husband and wife. Which means difference in opinion between husband and wife is very normal and will happen.

It occurs to me, the tongue obviously will be bitten once in a while, because it is located right in the vicinity of teeth. So it’s no surprise if the tongue get bitten. The risk is always there.

Relationship wise, arguing and difference of opinion is just as normal, but maybe unlike the teeth and the tongue, we can just minimize the risk of having an argument. Maybe by setting up some rules to follow. A few that comes to mind would be like

  • Family will always come first. So it’s a big no no to ask your spouse to choose between you and his/her family.
  • Some people may have a few sensitive issues that he does not like to be brought up. For example, let say the boyfriend doesn’t like it when you comparing him with your previous boyfriend. Then avoid it, Why get into trouble, right?
  • The girlfriend hate it when the boyfriend criticize her cooking, so guys.. Just don’t go there. 🙂

These are only a few examples I enlisted, Feel free to add some more rules.

In the end, the whole objective of having a relationship is for you to support, complement and provide comfort to each other. If there is a possibility of avoiding crisis or argument, just do that 🙂

– I wonder –
Is there any other rules that you think important to establish with your spouse?

———— Personal Note ———–
I really am in pain.. it’s hard to enjoy your food when everytime you chew, it hurts. So guys, be thankful for your painless tongue 🙂

I just sent the mrs to Bangi yesterday. She will be there to help her sister with a secret project or something. When it comes to family, we should always give way..

I’m living a bachelor life now huhu……… (Thanx to azuwachan for the correction 🙂 )

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  1. filantera
    12 Dec 07 8:28 am

    huhuhuh the proverb is actually (IMHO) referring to, even teeth and tounge, which are together since they were created, still the tounge get bitten, so between hubby&wife, what would u expect?

    as for all the tips: u are the man laaa banji:P

    but then again, even the famous family councelor still have argument with each other right?

    still: a gud relationship is not the one who didnt argue at all, but the which survive the argument…:)

    wah bujang kembali ek, teringat kat kakak laaa tu sampai makan pun tergigit lidah hahahaha, here come the biscuits and milo days again:D

  2. banji
    12 Dec 07 10:31 am

    filantera – just like any other things.. it’s more fun looking at it in a different way sometime 🙂

    and I trully agree with you that a good relationship is those who survive the up and down. As a matter of fact, usually surviving that is the one that make us closer 🙂

    p.s. mmg bujang kembali tapi takde le kembali kezaman biskut milo, skrg dah ada makanan ready made menunggu 🙂

    having pancake for breakfast today.. nyam (saja nak bagi jeles)

  3. 13 Dec 07 2:34 am

    bachelor life best apo..main game sampai lebam mata..haha

  4. 13 Dec 07 9:25 am

    a gud relationship is the one that can survive the argument.. emm… nampaknya saya kena bepikir panjang for a relationship, jgn cepat berputus asa n cepat melatah..!! kan bang banji!

  5. 13 Dec 07 5:07 pm

    Hurmm..Understanding la benda paling penting dlm relationship to me..and yg penting,jgn pernah mengongkong pasangan kita..Bertolak ansur jugak 1 peranan yg penting..

  6. banji
    14 Dec 07 12:28 am

    amirahsyuhada – hehe mcm biasa terjadi je? hm skrg ni dah kureng sket nafsu main game ni, agaknya dah tua kut. game banyak tak terinstall pun 🙁

    moon – betul tu moon, kena banyak bersabar dlm relationship ni, kita sendiri boleh marah dgn diri sendiri, apa lagi dgn org lain 🙂 tapi yg paling penting, dua2 kena berusaha nak berbaik2. jgn sorg je yg berusaha

    ara – nice advice 🙂

  7. 24 Dec 07 11:49 am

    Hello banji 🙂

    Well, my advice would be to practice the 90/10 Principle every day. :p

    That might be too complicated for some folks though. -_-

    Here’s a simple one:
    Guys must always let girls win, regardless of who is right or wrong. 🙂

    Cheers yo! 😀

  8. banji
    25 Dec 07 12:16 am

    Deimos Tel`Arin – hm I will have to disagree though, letting girls win for those trivia things will definitely be a yes. but some major things, we will have to take a stand..

    cheers Deimos 🙂

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