Summary – Working with mind – relax, help and force.

How to write a post in 30 minutes.. Not just any article, an article which is beneficial to those who read it.

First of all, we need to acknowledge that the biggest problem about writing an article / entry in a blog is to know what will it be about. I know that coming up with a good post can sometimes be hard. It happened to every blogger I know. So this is my way of solving the problem, writing an article on it.

As always, we need to redefine the problem. Why are we not getting any ideas to blog?

1) Tired so rest
If you’re tired, then there’s only one way to solve it. Take a rest. Being tired is like driving with a punctured tyre. Yes, you can drive.. but it will be very slow and equally painful. If you take the time to change the tyre, you will arrive faster than people who drive with the punctured tyre. So go to sleep.

2) Eliminate distraction
Your mind is trained everyday to do thing in multitasking mode. You study, while listening to music, your feet is dancing in its place, and your mind is remembering the recipe for Rendang Daging you just learnt. Still you get good result. We do this all the time.

The truth is, our mind will work more efficiently if we physically eliminate the distraction. Logic says.. that if two computer is using the same modem, both people will share 50% of the internet bandwidth.. period.

Don’t try to eliminate that background music in your head. It’s plain impossible. Eliminate what you can eliminate. Like instead of writing your enty in front of television, go inside the room and really start typing (That’s what I’m doing right now hehe. That Preity Zinta is really a distraction)

3) Educate your mind
This is the harshest method. Our mind is very creative, believe me. If not we will still be in a cave hitting people’s head with a club. The only way we can get the juice from oranges is really by squeezing it. The same goes to our mind. We need to squeeze the idea out every other time. Just looking at the oranges will result in.. well a very good looking orange 🙂

Don’t do this everyday. The mind will adapt to the pressure and simply resist better. Do this in an alternate day. Sit in front of your pc, with the cursor blinking and your 8 fingers in its position, ASDF and JKL: and type away. Don’t move until your ideas start flowing.

I finish this post in 20 minutes 🙂

– I wonder –
Care to share how you handle mental block?

———— Personal Note —————
I was introduced to computers when the computers still use DOS diskette to operate. I believe I was about 8-9 years old then. My father always give me article to retype in the “Wordstar” (the word processor at the time) and force me to type using all 8 fingers. But of course I would do that in front of him. When he’s not around it will resort back to two finger typing 🙂

I have to say that I start learning to type with all 8 fingers fast when I was about 18 years old. All thanks to IRC 🙂 addicted to it for quite a while

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  1. 29 Dec 07 5:20 am

    ye betul! thanks to ym and such thing as irc dulu, i dint have to take typing class to type fast! ade jugak kebaikan duk ngadap comp smpi kena bebel2 ngan mak dulu.. 😀

    i always have things to blog abt. it juz dat all those things r abt me n me n endless stories abt me. haha.

  2. banji
    29 Dec 07 10:06 am

    intan – kan… 🙂 sungguh pantas dulu menaip nak balas org nyer reply, tambah pulak kat dlm channel… mcm terbang je tangan ni..

    wah tak pernah ada writer’s block ke? sy sendiri alhamdulillah setakat ni ok, kdg2 je jadi penat dan malas sket, tapi biasa lah manusia kan? topik blog insyaAllah utk dua bulan nye post dah ada, tapi topik je la.. 🙂

  3. filantera
    30 Dec 07 10:56 am

    huhuhuhand till today i still believe u are good with 8 fingers waktu muda muda dulu….and abah give all the work to u…

    me? can do 4 fingers at that time, but use one finger instead so that takpayah kena buat keja hahaha

    mental block?
    think of something else, do something else……..and when the thing we are having mental block with becoming ‘something-else’. than everything will be fine…InsyaAllah…:D

  4. banji
    31 Dec 07 2:34 am

    filantera – Wordstar is so manual right? I still remember Ctrl K D to save 🙂

    I agree with doing something else when we are having mental block. However I read somewhere that sometimes, we must train the mind to follow orders once in a while. 🙂

  5. 09 Jan 08 1:21 am

    What would i do if i had mental block??I love to listen to some classical music..tak pun dgr the sound of nature..kicauan burung…hempasan ombak…yg the dark…and i love aroma therapy oil..burn it with candle…so rilexing…

    Agagagaga…i still remember those diskette…Very funny la…Besar lak 2..My dad pernah ajar gak taip with 8 finger..tapi same as u…umo belasan je br reti taip with 8 finger..yo la..chatting punya hal la..

    cerita pasal taip…i’m good at taiping SMS…Agagaga..i can even taip without looking at the keypad…Agagaga

  6. banji
    10 Jan 08 1:16 am

    aRa – hm setuju, I once had a set of wave sound in mp3 format. used to try to listen to them while studying.. but to no avail, hehe I feel sleepy instantly and I doubt it had anything to do with the mp3. But they are very very relaxing, that I can verify 🙂

    fortunately you are not driving a car, I bet when you do, you will start smsing ppl while driving… 🙂 Please ya, all joke aside, don’t do that

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