Summary – Defining New Year

It’s 2008.. Happy New Year everyone! It seems like yesterday when my friends and I was waiting to be seated in the Pizza Hut in Ipoh trying to celebrate 2000. 🙂 Where were you 12 am 2000?

Another interesting question for you.. What is new year for you?

Some associate it with hundreds of resolution to be done. Some look at it with hate since the coming of a new year can only means we are one year older. Others may start looking at the Fengshui of it. So again.. what is new year for you?

For me, when somebody mentioned new year, the first thing that pops to my mind is the phrase “Turning over a new leaf“. Basically means the opportunity to restart everything in life.

If you are not doing great in your career, this is the time to review back and change that attitude. If anytime people come looking for us, they immediately find us on a couch last 2007, this 2008 is the year we will get up from the couch and start catching up on other things in life.

All the fireworks and celebration is meaningless if we don’t have any definition to new year. Define yours now. nobody will do it for you.

Time is slipping away guys… like leaking pale of chocolate flavored ice cream. The ice cream will always melting, and it drips our of the pale continuously. We can enjoy the dripping show.. or we can enjoy the ice cream. Your choice… nobody will decide for you

– I wonder –
Where were you 12am today?

————- Personal Note ————–
My personal note today is dedicated to aRa. Her birthday is today 🙂 The whole world is celebrating… and I’m very sure you will be able to find joy and happiness wherever you are, be it in KL, Kuantan, Sabah or Sarawak.

Why… because it has always been in you 🙂

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  1. 02 Jan 08 9:52 pm

    new year?it means…

    a year older and lots more responsibilities to be carried out for me…and the older u r, the more matured u shud be…(gosh, i wish i dont have to be older. i just love playing and jumping all around even in front of other people! now that i’m getting older, i can’t do it anymore…sob sob…)

    where was i on 12am?

    i was at home, on my bed, lookin at my handphone and wishing somebody wud sms me…but nottin happened and in the end, i zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……

    *i’m not a person who likes to go to places where new year is celeberated. it’s just not me…*

  2. banji
    04 Jan 08 12:01 pm

    fairuzniza – maturity.. that definitely need to improve over the years. Even thought I have to disagree. We can still play and jump even in front of ppl. Maturity is not measured on how macho you look, it entirely based on the decision you made. We have only one life, if we want to jump, just jump 🙂

    Me too spending the night preparing to sleep. I somehow like to be with people, but not those gathering with people during new year’s eve… Better I spent it with the person I love the most 🙂

  3. 05 Jan 08 8:34 pm

    We can still play and jump even in front of ppl. Maturity is not measured on how macho you look, it entirely based on the decision you made.

    betul betul betul (nada ipin)…

    but somehow, when i jumped in front of them, one of them will say,

    “hish, ct ni..kamu tu bukan budak kecik lagi…”

    sob sob sob

  4. banji
    06 Jan 08 12:58 am

    fairuzniza – heheh i know the feeling. sy sendiri pun selalu gak org cakap, dah nak jadi bapak org dah…

    tapi tak best lah berperangai serius sgt kan?

    There’s a quote which I think goes a little like this – Growing old is mandatory, stay young is optional 🙂

  5. 09 Jan 08 1:02 am

    Mmg tidak di nafikan New Year to me is…1 year older..Masuk je tahun baru…Dah tua..agagagaga…

    Beside 1 year older…tahun baru to me adalah lebaran baru tok perbaiki diri daripada tahun sblmnya..A new step..a new start if u have a bad year last year..hurmmm…

    Agagagaga…thank’s for the bday wish Banji..terharu gitu…Thank u so much…appreciate it..

  6. banji
    10 Jan 08 1:27 am

    aRa – bak kata the wise man, hari ni sama dgn hari semalam.. rugi,
    hari ni lebih baik dari semalam… untung
    hari ni lebih teruk dari semalam… celaka

    🙂 again… enjoy ur birthday ara

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