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I think it’s just sad that drunk people forget everything even their identity. Don’t you agree?

So how about us? Do we really know who we are? This is one of the biggest question in our life. And I can guarantee you that writing about it will require more than just a page on a blog. However… being big doesn’t mean it can’t be discussed right?

So I present to you what I think the best way to know ourselves. And we have been doing it for quite some time already 🙂

As bloggers, I’m sure you have all been asked to write memes in your blog. Usually it will be questions about yourself. Things you like, things you don’t like, your dream etc etc.

Memes / question is one of the best way to know yourself. Now open up a notepad, and write question you want to know about yourself. It is true that it is pointless since you were asking question that you know the answer. Well that’s the point. Write 10 questions you want to know.. and then answer them. You don’t need to show this to anyone. It is for you to know yourself.

Make it a habit to write down one additional question every day and answer them in the notepad. It’s not much but you are beginning to know yourself so much better. 🙂

An example of the 10 first questions
1) What’s your name? – (Introduction)
2) Close your eyes, can you describe your physical self? – (Physical)
3) What will make you smile instantly? – (Emotion)
4) Who in your life, you willingly give up your life so that he/she will live longer? – (Important person in life)
5) What do you think your strength? – (Life optimization)
6) What do you think your weakness? – (Self improvement)
7) What do you need to have/do/achieve in 5 years? – (Life planning)
8] What’s your religion? – (Spiritual)
9) In term of percentage, how do you rate yourself as of now? Why? – (Review)
10) What’s your favorite food? – (Trivia)

I don’t expect you to answer those question here in the blog. The answers are for you and for you only. These are all examples on how the questions should look like. It should be about all aspect of life. The most important thing is we must know what we can gain from the question. Happy answering to yourself

– I wonder –
How about you add more questions here? 🙂

———— Personal Note ———–
I am 30 years old this year, and I’m still in the process of knowing myself. Of course I must excuse other people who still can’t figure me out. right?

If only there’s a way to be reverse the aging process :p

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  1. 08 Jan 08 11:42 am

    knowing who you really are is the most crucial part of being a living life.
    without knowing who we are, we’re just like shadows; no figure, just follow where the light goes and dissapear when the light’s out.
    how to know yourself? hmm… that’s a question that only you and God know the answer. different people see him/herself in different way, right?
    but I think we discover about ourselves most when we are in pressure. that’s the time we ‘unleash’ everything inside.

  2. banji
    08 Jan 08 5:56 pm

    azuwachan – i like how you describe living without knowing oneself is like a shadow. It just doesn’t have any meaning to it. It can be the size of a KLCC but still meaningless.

    I remembered one time when I am at my most stressed hour. It was the night I was supposed to prepare all my reports. About 20 over, It was stressful .. very stressful, until at one point I even said that this must be how suicidal people feels like. Alhamdulillah able to finish them all in one night. Stupid me that time heheh

  3. 09 Jan 08 2:01 am

    Sometime…i don’t even know who i am…Scary huh..But i did some question(tak post kat blog ek…toooo personal to post) and answer it…Bila i fell down.. i ussually do that…to gain back my confident..

    Question urself adalah salah 1 perkara yg wajar di lakukan…

  4. banji
    10 Jan 08 12:35 am

    aRa – So it is proven that it can help rebuild self confidence. Most importantly, the question will help us to really know what important in our life. And hopefully we will not be too distracted with other trivia things in life

    good job aRa 🙂

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