Summary – Everyone has their own way of seeing thing

Life sure is beautiful, when you see it like that right? Only… most of the time beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, Simply means, every people has a different definition of beauty. I’m sure you remember this classic story I’m about to rewrite πŸ™‚

There was once a father, and son and a donkey. They were walking in the desert to go back to their home. The son was on the donkey and the father was walking.

They reached Village A. The villagers there looked at them and said, “That son is very inconsiderate, how could he ride comfortably on the donkey while his old father walks”. Hearing this, the father exchange place with his son, He was now on the donkey while the son was walking.

They reached village B. The villagers there looked at them and said, “That father sure is cruel. He make the son walks while he ride the donkey.” Hearing this, the father get off the donkey, and walk along side his son.

They reached village C. The villages there looked at them and laughingly said, “Those people are stupid. They have a donkey, and still they want to walk in this hot sun.” Again, hearing this, the two decided to both ride the donkey.

They reached village D. The villagers there looked at them and said, “Look at that, the two people are torturing the donkey. Poor donkey”

So the father said, “Come son, let’s carry the donkey instead”

/end story

Hehe I make that last one up. This is a very popular story. And hopefully you can see the message in it.

People will talk. There’s nothing we can do about it. There’s no way we can satisfy everyone. So what we can do, is to make sure we know what it is we are doing or what we stands for and hold on to that.

People can say you are beautiful, or you are ugly. But the most important thing is whether you think you are beautiful or ugly. As simple as that.

———– Personal Note ————–
On an unrelated matter, I had brought the mrs for a baby scan the other day. And I saw the baby for the first time, It was so exciting! πŸ™‚ even though I’m not so sure what I saw from the scan but I definitely saw fingers hehe. According to the doctor, most probably it will be a baby girl. πŸ™‚ YEY!!! It is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

Any suggestion for a baby girl name? (Serious question)

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  1. filantera
    15 Jan 08 2:27 pm

    in other hands, sometimes we should avoid projecting an easy misjudge-image.

    for example:
    avoid going out dinner with a client who are other person’s wife………although in our mind, hey we are just frenz kay, client only maaaaa……:)

    or maybe, wearing baju terbalik, and keep on saying, hey its my style dude!

    yess nothing harm, but prevention is better than cure!!!:D yeeay jom diet!:D

  2. 15 Jan 08 4:00 pm

    Agagagaga…masa sekolah dulu my english teacher told us this story…Mmg ssh nak puaskan ati manusia.. Mata manusia ni selalu benor nampak tak perfect je..Tak dapet nak nolong…

    Wa…gurl ka?? Congrat…name…i don’t know why…i suka nama Yasmine Ain..Yasmine=Jasmine..Ain=Eye, thus “precious”…I ade list namaΒ² yg ade makna nya..

    Lom ade baby dah ade list nya..agagagaga…I suka tgk2 nama ni..Agagagaga..

  3. 15 Jan 08 5:06 pm

    aku kau kan berbeza… πŸ™‚

    cdgn nama baby..hmm…Sofea..humaira..

    this link maybe leh bg some ideas for u.. http://www.perjalanansuci.com/Informasi/nama-namaPerempuan.xls

    …my turn next…maybe

  4. 15 Jan 08 9:24 pm

    wah! wah! wah!
    a baby girl!! heh … congrats bro.
    yeah .. have to agree with dafilantera.
    yes people will assume.
    n just by letting people keep on assuming…
    dont try to become a source of assumption.

    dont go walking with your sub-ordinate holding hands.
    dat will certainly puts stories to people mouth.


  5. 15 Jan 08 9:24 pm

    hm, uncle. feel like tekene batang idung sendiri lak. yeah, ppl will say whatever they want to say accordingly. it’s up to u either to take it or not. it’s not easy to satisfy all their expectations. but the best thing to do is, like what dr.yed always says–don’t make prejudgement… πŸ™‚

    n guess what? what i learned from what had happened to me last 2 days was–> don’t expect much. ppl are not always like what u are expecting them to be. to be wise, don’t expect anything from them… πŸ™‚ yeah, go myself!!! \(^_^)/

    p/s–the name for the baby girl? i always like dis name..coz the person is my fren n we respect her so much because she is soooo nice..and thiqah…her name is bidayatul hida…but the actual name is bidayatul hidayah (the name of kitab written by Imam Al-Ghazali)..the meaning is ‘permulaan jalan hidayah’..suits ur first daughter well…as she’s the first one..hehehe…

  6. banji
    16 Jan 08 12:00 am

    filantera – very true.. we can’t change other’s view, so we do what we can do, minimize the risk πŸ™‚

    somehow i get the feeling that wearing baju terbalik is a true story…

    aRa – mcm yg kita discuss dalam skill mengecam wajah dulu, kan lagi senang kalau nampak org yg paku terkeluar dari dahi kiri heheh, mmg tabiat manusia lebih senang nampak yg salah

    Yasmine Ain πŸ™‚ will be put on the table, thanx

  7. banji
    16 Jan 08 12:08 am

    gina – Sofea tu actually dah merancang, tapi tetiba kakak ipar dah booking, so kena mengalah le, since masa tu takde rezeki lagi. tapi nama humaira tu menarik. kalau tak salah, gelaran utk siti Aisyah right? pipi yg merah πŸ™‚

    anyway… an advance congratulation to u πŸ™‚ keep us updated

    DaPocket – hm now that you are someone’s fiance, you will have to be extra careful. Don’t be the source of assumption. Darah manis bak kata org. πŸ™‚

  8. banji
    16 Jan 08 12:15 am

    fairuzniza – A good lesson fairuzniza, don’t expect much from people, not everyone will share our view, not everyone is nice and courteous like we expect them to be. That’s why people always said that life is not fair to them. These people are expecting that if they do good, people will do good to them.

    life is not fair, but Allah is always fair. Just hold on to that πŸ™‚ and we’ll go through our life happily ever after

    thiqah? care to exlain the word? Bidayatul Hidayah.. nice name πŸ™‚ Will propose to the mrs since she’s the one will decide. We agree that I will decide if the baby is a he

  9. intan
    16 Jan 08 3:34 am

    baby girl??? congrats in advance!

    i like names like khadijah, aishah, sarah..
    universal names (so when she goes overseas ppl wont hv difficulties pronouncing it) and meaningful too. πŸ™‚

  10. 16 Jan 08 9:31 am

    dats my fav’ quote ‘”life is sooo beautiful’..

    and ‘life is a bittersweet symphony’ for my blog.. hv a nice dy bro banji..

  11. 16 Jan 08 9:33 am

    oh ya! an ADVANCE CONGRATULATION to you ya!!

  12. 16 Jan 08 7:59 pm

    ahah, thiqah..how to explain eh? (garu kepala)

    thiqah ni cam baik le..dia ‘menjaga’ semua yang ada pada diri dia tu..kire cam orang alim la jugak.. πŸ™‚

  13. banji
    17 Jan 08 2:19 am

    Intan – thanx for the idea.. nama yg universal, mesti banyak pengalaman org salah sebut nama intan kat rusia nih πŸ™‚

    Saya sendiri mmg suka nama2 yg pendek, takyah panjang2, nanti dipanggil org.. yg pendek tu jugak

    yanz – one of the most relaxing quote right? you have a nice day too kay πŸ™‚ thanx for the dedication in the entry

    fairuzniza – oo baru faham, lomah sket bahasa arab ni, thiqah pun mcm nama yg baik gak πŸ™‚ kan?

  14. Beib
    17 Jan 08 9:11 pm

    Congrats…bagi nama bermakna yg pendek2 udah…Jangan nama sekilometer, dipanggilnya cuma satu milimeter….heheheh…
    I have a friend from Pendang and his brother’s name is “N”, just plain “N”….What a unique name but means nothing. Pity him, when he grew up he has to ‘see’ the Comm. of Oath and change his name to “ISMAIL”..i guess “N” is the short form of ISMAIL if ur from Kedah…ehehehe..
    So ur baby a simple but meaningful name…Good luck

  15. banji
    18 Jan 08 1:09 am

    Beib – thanx beib, actually the plan is always to select a short name, but as advised, it must have a good meaning. Seriously the name will be a prayer for them. It’s one of the best gift we can give them

    That N name is really unique, but as you said, there’s no meaning to it, unless he is a she, then maybe it can be Anne πŸ™‚

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