Summary – 4 Lesson learnt from Pacman

I played a classic game of PACMAN today. Can I assume you are familiar with the game. It is a very complex (NOT) game of run and eat. I’m not even sure we are allowed to eat while running.

That is a very bad example and lesson to follow from the game. However there are some others that maybe useful to us. Lessons like –

1) Pacman’s mission are only two; to eat all the white dots and avoiding the chasing ghost. The same goes to us. In life there are generally only two ways to motivate people. The old stick and carrot. The bad things that may happen to us if we didn’t do, and the good things that happen if we did do.

So if you are searching for motivation, those two are definitely the first place to look for.

2) Running from the ghost is important, but the most important is to finish up the white dots. If not, pacman will only be running round and round endlessly.

We have a lot of goals in life, most of them are important. But there will always be one that is the most important. Identify this, and we will complete our life’s mission

3) Pacman is a very easy game. You should be able to remember the steps after a few try. And after a while, most probably you will be able to finish the game just by following your steps.

Some things in life, and I have to stress the word “SOME”, are very repetitive. After a while, you should be able to know the steps and whenever you meet the same condition, you will know what to do instantly.

Typical examples are like, how to do your job, or which attitude that you have which is not likable by people etc

4) Pacman is just a dot with a mouth, because that’s what he’s supposed to do, eat the white dot. The ghosts are given scary clothes and a pair of eye, because they need to follow pacman and scare him.

What we were given (the knowledge, experience, friends, jobs, whatever) are there for a reason. They are our assets. And assets must be cherished and used properly. How to use it properly.. that would be the one of the biggest question in life.

– I wonder –
I’m sure you played some computer games. Any lesson learnt from them?

————- Personal Note ———–
I used to be addicted to games. But I’m not into those first person game, (counterstrike etc). They make me dizzy. I prefer the adventure and RPG type :). One of my favorite all time game would be Planescape TormentAn RPG/adventure game about an immortal who had to find his identity and the true reason why he was being made an immortal

What’s your favorite computer game?

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  1. 23 Jan 08 2:21 am

    aha!! my fav hobby!!
    hmm.. bout my fav games and what are the things I can learn from them;

    1. Final Fantasy;just love the graphic, very nice storyline (it’s an RPG game, for those who don’t know), love the battle strategy, even though it’s getting tougher from PSOne to PS2, and not to forget PS3!!!
    to be honest, most of these FFs teach me about life, and what are we actually looking for in life, and how friendship can actually help us in the search of true self.
    no idea what I’m talking about?? mainla dulu, baru tau. (psss… my fav is FF 9)

    other games that I play; Medal Of Honor (kinda like Counter Stike). I develop my interest on war machineries and weapons from this game. plus a bit of WW history.

    Tony Hawk Proskater; my brother promoted this game to me, so I guess I learn a lot bout famous skateboarders, and the techniques, etc, etc..

    Tenchu!!! yes, I love this one since (for me) it’s so kool to be a kunoichi!! hehehe… (kunoichi is a name for female ninja). I learn the ninja techniques and tricks a lot here.

    Genji; Dawn of Samurai. The graphic, the martial art movement (created by the very authentic leading Japanese swordsman), superb!! I can’t wait to buy PS3 because the continuation of this game. The history of the Japanese hero, Yoshitsune is quite famous, so I took the opportunity from this game to learn a bit bout him. but this one isn’t that hard a game, to be honest. but thumb up for the graphic.

    I can tell a whole bunch more, but it’s enough for now, heheh… as a conclusion, for me, I can say that if you pay a bit of attention on what are you playing, you actually can learn more about anything!! so go and try any games that captured your eyes first, ok.

    ohh… kite tak berapa nak suka dgn sportnye games. tak tau knp, huhu… πŸ™‚

  2. 23 Jan 08 5:31 am

    Wow, cool idea! I can’t think of any advice from playing games… other than to keep trying at something, and you’ll always improve, even if it’s slow. I love Pacman πŸ˜€

  3. 23 Jan 08 6:57 am

    what i’ve learnt from pacman would be :
    u’ll have a ‘chance button’ sometime,
    (the red dot dat when u eat them, u’ll be immune with the ghost and u can chase them down and eat them)
    when u’r deciding to use the ‘chance button’ use it wisely. cause its not gonna be wit u dat long.
    Its just same wit my ability of speaking japanese… one day it’ll be a common thing for all people to be able to speak japanese.
    n by then i’ll be as worthless to the company as anyone else. so better gear up!!
    need to get me next ‘chance button’


  4. 23 Jan 08 12:43 pm

    Agagagaga…teringat zaman memuda dulu terjeritΒ² main pacman using my dad’s pc.. Smpi kena mrh tau..Agagagaga…
    I suka main Mario Brothers(simple and easy)..Aiyoooo…i cari that game until now tak jmpa..nak instal in my pc tapi tarak je tau…ampeh tul…I lom katam lagi Mario Brothers ni…
    Then game i selalu main adalah “The Sims City”..I tak pernah suka all the counterstrike and sewaktu dgn nya punya game..ha…and i’m so acdicted to Solitaire..main smpi pening pale.. Agagagagaga…Ni dah byk kali katam..Nak improve time je..Agagagaga…
    I’m not a game person…I jarang sekali main game…Main if terlalu bosan je..Agagagaga
    Uwaaa…Mana nak cari MARIO BROTHERS ah…

  5. banji
    24 Jan 08 1:02 am

    azuwachan – I played final fantasy for a while. Love the story too, but somehow I haven’t finish it yet. Also had forgotten as to why. Possibly I lost somewhere in the world πŸ™‚

    From what I observe, you are very interested in martial art and Japanese culture. πŸ™‚ just a wild guess. I didn’t play Tony Hawk Proskater, but I did play those skateboard game in the arcade, you know where there’s even a skateboard, I totally ace that one. a “Superb” status player cewah :p

    Skateboarding in real life? I wll be the nicknamed the floorkisser definitely heheh

    Thanx for all the explanation on the game you liked. I now know azuwachan a little bit more

  6. banji
    24 Jan 08 1:07 am

    Beth – yup practise make perfect πŸ™‚ that is always great advice

    What kind of games do you like?

    DaPocket – That’s a very good lesson from pacman. We need to find our next “Chance Button”. Very inspiring indeed…

    I slowly forgetting my Mandarin la bro..

    aRa – terjerit2? heheh mesti cute kan? tapi mario brothers tu mmg addictive. tapi yg kat pc mcm tak best, seronok main kat playstation jugak. somehow gambar dia classic πŸ™‚

    Me too a big fan of mario brothers. pun tak pernah abih

  7. filantera
    24 Jan 08 8:40 am


    another game i like to play, tuju kasut, and tuju tin hahahah!

    hari tuh play with pocket….

    baru dua round dah pancit hahaha
    the moral of the game,

    1. go buy new bola, baling ngan selipar mmg sakit
    2. never ever, estimated people by size and age, dik ah and jenan is sure a damn gud player.
    3. things that used to be easy, seems so hard if we didnt work out:D

  8. banji
    24 Jan 08 11:56 pm

    filantera – interesting game, even though I’m not that sure of the rules until now, all I really know is to avoid being hit πŸ™‚

    those girls have been playing their entire life, and relatively smaller (thus harder to aim at)… Let’s do that game again this coming chinese new year πŸ™‚

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