Summary – The small things matter

I started my day yesterday lazily. Very tyical routine, when suddenly a woman stopped me while I was riding my motorcycle to work. She is the teacher of the local kindergarten here.

Not that she is interested to know me, she actually wanted to tell me that there is a breaking and entering at the kindergarten last night.

I was shocked. What could the culprit possibly assume to find in a kindergarten? Money? Computer? guess what, the only thing missing were the stationery of the children – pencils, eraser, color pencils etc.. I’m not even sure if they can make money from that.

Another guess would be that they just feel like terrorizing someplace. And the kindergarten is unfortunately that someplace for the night. Can you believe this… people damaging other’s property simply because they feel like terrorizing?

Believe me, things will only get worse. The cuplrit possibly will upgrade their vandalism to other object, house or vehicles maybe.. and later on maybe on people and hence the raping or the mugging.

Now, we can’t change other people. But we can change ourselves. Make a conscious decision to avoid doing anything immoral, however little it is. All things bad started that way. An example, You make a habit of throwing rubbish everywhere. Soon, you will start thinking that the rubbish bin is of no use. It is better used as a mean of communication, and so you use that talent of yours to draw cryptic messages on the bin.

After a while, it seems that the cryptic message is just too cryptic, nobody understands it. So you changed them to a more familiar language, insult or cursing words.

That will lead to an angrier you, always cursing and swearing, and the thing you are most angry about is the rubbish bin. So you vandalise it, thinking that you are just making a good use to an unused bin.

You now eyed at other things… hm that kindergarten look interesting to vandalize, nobody will be harm, right?

/end example

It ALWAYs start with the most ridiculously small thing. What we can do is to stop right there. Stop throwing rubbish everywhere, Flush your toilet after use, Say thank you to the waitress attending to you etc.

It starts here

– I wonder –
What other small habits can we start right now?

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  1. 25 Jan 08 11:19 am

    Kindergarden pun nak rompak??? Very funny…Perompak tak p tadika kot dulu then teringin..Agagagaga…patut la nama perompak..depa ni kan kalangan org yg tak pandai pakai otak…yo la..masa kecik tak p tadika…
    Masa i kat KL ari tuh,selalu tul nampak org throwing rubbish everywhere..Nak tegur gak tapi 1=depa jauh dr i…2=takut bab muka depa mcm penyamun..ade kang kena gertak..tak pasal2 cari masalah..and this 1 guy..i remember..he look so innocent..tapi Ya Ampun lepas minum air tin buang suka ati je..So i look at him so sharp smpi dia takut kot..He took back the rubbish and throw in a bin..
    And 1 think…i tarak tahan sama org yg suka kencing kat tangga la…yg merata-rata itew.. Groessss…knp la tak pakai otak…Ops…terlezerrrrr…agagagaga..

  2. 25 Jan 08 2:26 pm

    opssss! wat’s going on by da way.. a kindergarten?? aiyoyo!

  3. 25 Jan 08 3:46 pm

    aRa – come to think of it, mungkin jugak le diorg tu tak pernah gi tadika, so interested to know how that would feel. Mentality org kita mmg tak banyak berubah lagi, masih banyak yg buang sampah merata2, dan mcm yg ara mention tu, kencing pun merata2. apa la beza sgt kita dgn hamba2 Allah yg empat kaki tu.

    yanz – yup a kindergarten. They break the door and make a mess of everything. Took the stationery… Maybe they have a lot of colouring work to do at home.

  4. intan
    25 Jan 08 6:47 pm

    mat ganja carik duit kot. duit syiling pun jadi janji duit. like those around my neighbourhood, kayu kayan lebih from my dad’s construction pun nak curik..
    yeah i agree wit u. small habits first, not only when we talk vandalism. also applies to sex crime mb? less porn, less provocating influence, healthy lifestyle, better person…

    p/s tak blog in private lah. kalu blog mst invite banji 😀 skang taking a break, 3 scary sems left. need to focus. T_T

  5. 25 Jan 08 9:02 pm

    sedih baca kisah banji nih..tergamak ye diorang nih..near my house, makcik 70-an yg tinggal sorang2, x ganggu sape2, just minding her own bisness, pun kena rompak..xde duit nk bg, so perompak just amik mknn di dapur..sad isn’t it?
    ape nk jd dgn kaum kite skrg nih..hmm..
    yes, small things smiling to everyone that we meet..x kira kenal atau x..
    i tried it this morning while jogging d tmn tasik, it made me feel good, mood pun jd ceria..if saya teruskan, mayb i’ll b more concern and caring..if everyone do the same, mungkin kite akan lebih bertimbangrasa antara satu sama lain..:)

    btw..nice blog! how’s mrs doing? hope she’s fine..:)

  6. 25 Jan 08 10:09 pm

    wah wah wah !!!
    heran kan… simply somebody just needed money desperately.
    hahah… yg tu yg tak paham tuuu…
    why kindergarten?
    question banji…
    does the kids seen the damage? cause it’ll gives a bad perspective of how adult is.
    a good thing if they know that being a ‘mat pet’ is no good for the community

  7. banji
    25 Jan 08 11:44 pm

    intan – kayu kayan pun nak curi? hm agaknya nak buat rumah setinggan kut.

    Sex crimes definitely starts with those small things, some porn here and there, more and more exposure to the idea… until one time they think that rape is not a crime. Once they reached that stage, they are pretty much beyond repair.

    p.s. hm ok lah camtu, study must always come first. Jauh sgt belajar kat sana 🙂 you have my full support

  8. banji
    25 Jan 08 11:48 pm

    wilda – isk takde duit, makanan pun nak gak. hm takpe lah, nasib baik tak diapa2kan. zaman skrg ni ramai sgt gila seks, org tua ke budak2 dah tak selamat lagi.. minta simpang lah

    🙂 kalau hari wilda pun jadi ceria, org yg terima senyuman tu mesti lagi ceria… alhamdulillah message entry tu boleh diamalkan. walaupun i bet wilda dah amalkan dari dulu lagi, kan?

    the mrs skrg dah nak masuk bulan ke enam… baby aktif sgt, selalu gerak2… hehe

  9. banji
    25 Jan 08 11:50 pm

    DaPocket – I’m afraid the children had seen the damage. however they are a bit excited. I’m very sure they didn’t know what happened.

    I forget to ask the teacher to brief the children of how those thing is a very bad thing to do…

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