Summary – 7 things to do after you wake up that will guarantee you a good day

Yesterday, I proposed that small things in life is usually as important as the big things. How about joining me in this little experiment of mine. Try to do all these small steps immediately after you wake up.. and let’s see whether it has any positive effect on your life.

1) Smile after you wake up (10 seconds)
Eventhough you are still in sleepy land, let’s have that smile, weak smile is usually the most genuine πŸ™‚

2) Start the day like children (5 seconds)
Children always asked this, “What day is today?”. They always start their day afresh. Say this out loud – “Today is a brand new day.. Can’t wait to explore it”

3) Use your senses consciously (30 seconds)
Look around your bedroom, Hear the sound of morning, and Smell the fresh air.. Be thankful you still have your tools to enjoy life.

4) Look at your loved ones (15 seconds)
Take that photo you placed besides your bed. The photo of the one person you love. Feel that emotion in your heart while looking at the photo. If you have your wife/husband still sleeping.. there’s no need for the photo, unless of course you love someone else :p

5) Take your “Funny Moment Notepad” (30 seconds)
This notebook should contain your most funniest / embarassing moment. Write things that you find funny in it. And every morning, just have a look through it, and if you can, laugh along.. okay, a giggle might suffice πŸ™‚

6) Stretch (1 minute 30 seconds)
If you don’t appreciate your body, who will. It only take 1 and a half minute

7) Sing and dance (4 minutes)
You should have a favorite song. Now while you are going to shower, hum that song, or even better play that song on your speaker and sing along. Dancing to the song is a must (Remember : just one song)

/end list

The whole 7 steps only need 7 minutes of your time. However I seriously think that by doing all 7, you will now have started your day beautifully.

If you still didn’t feel good, after all that.. please go to a nearby clinic. I believe you are down with fever.

– I wonder –
Any other small things you did after you wake up that usually brings up your happy mood?

————- Personal Note ————–
I sometimes wake up quite late, and when that happens, it will be rush here and rush there. Things will usually just get messier by the hour with fluctuating mood or problematic day at the mill.

However, if I wake up early, and I have time to do many things like walking casually to the kitchen for my morning drink, or singing during shower.. be prepared for a very happy banji that day πŸ™‚

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  1. 26 Jan 08 7:12 am

    1. smile, believe this or not, but i do this everymorning:D not much of a smile though.

    2. ‘Today is a fresh new day, cant wait to explore it’… this i do with a little bit different in the script : ‘today i got to go to Taiyo, hopefully no problem with that plastic button, i think i’ve replied that email …’
    while thinking of what am gonna do today. looking forward to do so…

    3. The sound of the morning in my room would be the HitzFM prank call…
    i bought those Sony Radio Alarm..
    its start to ‘sing’ at 0545. but ofcourse i come to my sense at 0620:D
    the smell of my room? aaaa…..
    ada bau ‘kesin’!!

    4. I dont have any photo of her by my side!! need to find one lah…

    5. ‘Funny Moment Notepad’… this would be the ‘’ homepage dat i use to browse la kut… ofcourse not on those panic morning. ^^;

    6. Stretching? hey…this i can start to do as a habit. πŸ˜€

    7. Songs? hitzdotFM does play some nice songs in the morning. am not dancing to it:D but will try next.

    All and all… your method of identifying ‘Demam’ is quite good … cause now i know i am demam … hahahahah… tak mau gi keja lah!!

  2. 26 Jan 08 11:43 am

    hmm… I do some of the things stated.
    Sometimes, when I recalled back my dream (which is sweet), I’ll smile and ask myself why did I dream that last night??
    It’s not that I listen to my favourite song straight after I wake up. I usually do that when I have my breakfast.
    I used to listen to Hitz.FM prank calls, but since I am so lazy to listen to bad songs played in the radio, I stop myself from listening to the station, and I switch to my MP3.
    But to look at my loved pictures, I never done that, huhu…
    I have a tip for myself, but if you want to try, try it.
    I usually go for the weather of that morning; if it’s a blue sky day, clean white clouds, green mountain and grasses, I expect that it’ll be a beautiful day πŸ™‚
    hehe… it’s just a guess, but I always do that.

  3. 26 Jan 08 5:55 pm

    Aiyooo…it’s hard for me waking up in the morning..Dah selalu sgt tdo after subuh… Matahari dah atas pale br bgn..Agagagaga..Leh wat keje shif mlm i ni..Agagagaga… yellow mind ah…
    I agree with u klo kita bgn pagi and terus senyum and ur day would be a better day..Sudah ku alami nya..tapi banji..if dah bgn kul 11 gitu…mood confirm tak menentu..2 la pasal bgs bgn pagi..
    haa…1 thing i biasa buat klo bgn pagi..Cari air suam and minum…at least la kan…2-3 gelas..BgnΒ²..senyumΒ² then minum air suam itew..Don’t gosok gg dulu..minum dulu..
    And 1 lagi…if u ade pet’s..belai diaorg..Therapy gak nama nya..I usually do that…wargh…teringat my cat lak…bye..nak p belai diaorg..Agagagaga…

  4. 26 Jan 08 10:44 pm

    me? waking up in the morning shudnt be a problematic thing to do coz i will b da only one who wakes up early everyday. (except if i fell asleep after subuh prayer-it happens quite frequent lately)..i wud be the ‘lively alarm’ in my room most of the days in the week.(but my rumets never woke up…sob sob)

    usually when i open my eyes, i wud of course recite d doa, being grateful that i m still alive that day. after dat, i sit for a while on my bed and look at my handphone.

    after bout 5 minutes, i’ll grab my ‘bakul barang mandi’ and go to the bathroom to eat. eh, silap. to mandi la…

    finish taking my bath,i’ll enter the room, try to wake up my rumet again if we’r having the same class (we are in the same course, same class, already for 4 years). if they still dont want to wake up (they usually do), i’ll just enter my compartment, stand in front of my cupboard (or shud i say locker?), chose clothes to be wore that day, and turn on my music player (which is my handphone).

    the first song these days that i’d chose to hear wud be -evanescence, going under (extremely expressing my feelings nowadays-hohoho) me and my earphone/headphone? we’r inseparable…hihi…

    mebi i shud just try to do what uncle banji taught us to do every moning. insyaAllah..huhu…

    but what i remember is that, when i attended dis course as a facilitator, the chief facilitator used to teach the participants to answer a question not like what they usually do…the q wud be-apa khabar ari ni? and the aswer shud be…

    mebi we shud try to do the same thing, ha? πŸ™‚

    *panjang lak beleter dalam blog uncle…sowi…hik hik hik*

  5. 26 Jan 08 10:46 pm

    aik..mane jawapan utk soalan tu?tadi rase dah taip…sob sob sob..the answer shud be..

    alhamdulillah..luar biasa baik…

  6. 26 Jan 08 11:15 pm

    DaPocket – 1) good for you. morning smile might not actually look like a smile, but I believe it is the most natural πŸ™‚
    2) There’s no need to follow the exact script, as long as we are thankful and have that can-wait feeling every morning, everything should be fine
    3) you need to do something about that kesin thingy πŸ™‚
    4) I believe you actually have a wallpaper of her right? in your desktop
    5) Wow.. as the first thing to see. I’m honored
    6) Mengeliat is a form of stretching also, it’s just that sometimes, mengeliat almost always followed up with sleeping back πŸ™‚
    7) the songs u first hear may have some effect on the overall mood,

    Keep us updated πŸ™‚

  7. 26 Jan 08 11:25 pm

    azuwachan – listening to your favorite mp3 is definitely better than listening to some unknown songs in the radio. But that’s the thing, we can be bored after sometimes, that’s why im suggesting only one song πŸ™‚

    looking at the beautiful weather is a great idea πŸ™‚ Will try that.. living in an estate myself, greenery is never a problem hehe

  8. 26 Jan 08 11:33 pm

    aRa – kalau bangun pukul 11, bukan sekadar senyum, kena mengilai sekali heheh baru ada effect. joking only.

    tentang minum air suam pagi2 sebelum gosok gigi, actually sy pernah dgr petua tu.. insyaAllah boleh mengelakkan nyanyuk diwaktu tua. so teruskan mengamal. tak rugi pun πŸ™‚

  9. 27 Jan 08 12:49 am

    fairuzniza – there will always be one person who is the alarm clock of the house right? πŸ™‚ Unfortunately, when I was studying… I consider myself a challenge to the alarm clock hehe

    Reciting the doa have the same effect if not better. But you must understand what it means to benefit from it. As previously mentioned, the key is to be thankful of being given another day to use

    that’s an interesting approach to answering our FAQ. answer it in different ways. Ya la, everytime we are asked, how do you do? we sort of has this automatic script to answer it. If we do like you suggested, answering it in a different ways, we will then be conscious in answering. And hopefully when we say we are fine, it’ll be a prayer for us

    Good one fairuzniza πŸ™‚

  10. 27 Jan 08 1:41 am

    haha. great idea. i’m gonna try to do dat every morning. =D

  11. 27 Jan 08 9:20 am

    JulJul – thanx.. keep us posted whether it works out fine with you

  12. 27 Jan 08 12:19 pm

    I doubt I can even do the first one lol. Every morning first thing I think is the bad traffic jam and I’m gonna be late for work.. how to smile? πŸ˜›

  13. 27 Jan 08 1:13 pm

    vkeong – An interesting question.. πŸ™‚ well that ‘s the challenge now isn’t it? smiling when there’s nothing to smile about. If we can do that, the whole day should follow

    Welcome to the blog vkeong

  14. 01 Apr 08 8:47 pm

    Well, I try to kickstart my day by thinking of the best thing that I’ll
    do on that day…

  15. banji
    02 Apr 08 12:07 am

    Joel – Another good method. I would suggest you plan it all the day before. You will have more time to plan it, and your subconcious will be able to chip in and help πŸ™‚

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