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The next time I attempt this puzzle, I will have a cheat sheet. So guys, can I ask? How many actually finished the puzzle?

Can I interest you with a post I made very early during the startup of this blog. Generally, I proposed that life is actually just like reading a map. There are two things that are important. Where you are now, and where you’re going. You just cannot read the map if you didn’t know the two. For example, you have the map to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. But you have no idea that you are now in London. There’s no way the map will be useful 🙂

Now completing the puzzle, I realized I am partially correct with that statement. Besides the two important data (where are you now, and where are you going). there is another thing we need to know, which is “How to get there”

The same goes to life. We need to know exactly where we are now, where we are heading and how exactly to get there. For example, we know that we have $2000 in our saving account, and we actually want to have $100,000 in 10 years. We then need to know how to reach that goal. And for us to do that, there is no way except through knowledge

So keep learning guys. Surf the world and check out new things to learn. I’ll share with you my top resource for information.

1) – A Technology Enthuasist Forum, My favorite channel would be Software, Mobile Computing, Handphones, Codemasters, Blogmasters and Finance.

2) – The one stop center to learn all there is about blogging and how to go pro with it.

3) Zenhabits – The site to look for if you want to learn more about managing and simplifying your life.

– I wonder –
Care to share your top 3 sites where you will check almost daily for information / knowledge?

————- Personal Note ————–
I simply love learning new things. Last time, I learnt HTML coding entirely by staying up late in the computer lab, and taking note. I then started a mini project of class homepage. It was so exciting at the time, I kept discussing it with Filantera until very late at night 🙂

The website now is no more 🙂 But that is basically how I started…

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  1. 29 Jan 08 9:42 am

    evry dy we should learn new thing..

    i never go to ‘Zenhabits’ website yet.. its somethng new 2 me.. hehe.. thnks bro banji..

  2. 29 Jan 08 4:15 pm

    I learn most of the HTML from MySpace..Agagagaga…Tika nak buat layout itew..Sana la i blajar..Tarak web actually help me..i guna kaedah ape 2..kaedah cuba²?? Agagagaga…klo tak betul then try again smpi berhasil…pernah tak give up smpi pale kenok² tong…
    Now i nak cari how 2 actually backup my blog..ade guna that website..ape ke nama nya itew..lupa…haa..blogbackuponline..tapi why kah i tak puas ati???Hurmmm…nak kai wordpress tapi ngah menggong² lak site itew…Agagaga

  3. banji
    29 Jan 08 5:48 pm

    yanz I strongly recommend you to check out that blog. very inspirational. The author Leo, had just started the blog last year, now he had 33000 subscriber and already quit his day job

    And the articles presented is of superb quality, that I can assure you 🙂

    aRa – menarik kan belajar coding2 ni, rasa mcm programmer je huhu, tentang backup blogspot tu, hm tak sure lah pulak.. mungkin kengkawan lain boleh tolong?

    try, sana mungkin ada, sbb myself pun ada plugin utk backup blog

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