It’s Sunday.. For new readers visitting, there are usually no entries on Sunday, today however is puzzle day.

I received this puzzle quite a long time already.. And everytime I try to solve it, I will have to start afresh. If you are free today, download this puzzle attached and try to solve it. Basically you just need to drive the car out of the maze.

Anyone able to solve it the first, please show how you finish the puzzle here in the comment section. He / she will receive the ultimate prize of all.. “The Right To Brag About It” hehe 🙂 Enjoy your Sunday

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  1. 27 Jan 08 9:04 am

    i’ve tried and tried dat puzzles hundreds of times.
    even put in papers of the whole route i’m taking. but i think that puzzle actually have no answer la…
    or is it i just missed a turn?

  2. 27 Jan 08 9:10 am

    DaPocket That’s the thing.. I’ve successfully finished it in the past, that I’m sure. Only now, can’t remember how 🙂

  3. 28 Jan 08 10:58 am


    I’ve finally completed the puzzle yesterday. So for those who would like to know how, I’ll published part of the solution.

    The rest are for you to figure it out hehe

    Right Right Down Up Up Down Right Down

  4. Anonymous
    28 Jan 08 11:47 am

    alaaa baru nak publish gak

    r d d u u d r d l l l r u l d d and u guess the rest

    d= down

  5. banji
    29 Jan 08 1:11 am

    Anonymous – thanx for joining 🙂 After a few months, I believe we will forget the steps again hehe

  6. 29 Jan 08 4:09 pm

    Aiyooo..mkn 2 hari nak figure this out…Tak main tifu tau..I know cara nak p tempat tamat msti melalui lorong kat bawah itew but couldn’t figure how..last² dpt jugak…Agagagaga…

    I ade 1 game abt how to cross a river..U penah main dak??It’s an IQ game 2..I tak ingat mana i sembunyi game itew..Agagaga perhaps in 1 of my cds collection..Kena check balik..Tetiba teringin nak main..Agagaga

  7. banji
    29 Jan 08 5:43 pm

    aRa – lebih kurg sama le kite, punya lah reverse engineering, still tak dapek nak nyelesaikan… hinggalah jeng jeng jeng

    mcm pernah main game tu, siap ada kanibal lagi nak makan org kalau bilangan org tu sikit 🙂 best kan game puzzle ni?

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