Summary – 10 keywords in your pocket

I’m sure we must all familiar with the concept of Seiton already. I have an idea though.. how about if we branch the idea of Seiton to other things in life.. Non-material things in life?

So how exactly do we apply Seiton to other things in life? One thing come up to mind…

There will be time when you are walking along a very nice guy/girl and you were talking to each other. Suddenly, there’s that silence. Your mind goes blank, No idea whatsoever as to what to say, and from his/her reaction. He/She may be suffering the same thing. Fear not.. You can try this.

Always be prepare with 10 keywords to talk about. Remember, it’s keyword not topics. Examples of keywords are like “Weekend”, “Rambo4”, “” 🙂 etc. Anytime you’re stuck use the next one. Lastly, don’t forget to refresh your keywords once you’ve used it. That’s a secret only you need to know 🙂

Also please understand that those keywords are simply for emergency case only. They should not be used one word after another. If you really need to use up all 10, it can only means one of you is really not good with conversation. Improve on that first.

Another methods to use, is maybe redirecting the topic on another subject, like pointing at a mad man preaching to the traffic light. Comment on him instead of asking question to each other. People always love to comment, especially after the appearance of American Idol etc 🙂

– I wonder –
What other things you guys do if you run out of ideas in a conversation?

————– Personal Note ————-
I suddenly remembered the classic movie of P.Ramlee (A Malaysian classic movie) where P.Ramlee is dating Saloma, and they had no idea on what to talk about so he asked her about the weather in Africa, some questions about giraffe. Now that is poor keyword choice 🙂

Can i ask, what keyword are you keeping as spare should your conversation freezes?

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  1. filantera`
    31 Jan 08 8:39 am

    this is one great thing i learn from banji personally hahahaha

    i am actually a taciturn person. sometimes i depend on the mood, situation and surrounding to trigger my tounge.

    so selalunya tak tau nak cakap apa heheheh

    wat i do is, surf forum . that teach a lesson or two. and at one time, i force myself to greet strangers (eehhhheemmm girls mostly) and try to build up conversation. and as banji always says, never leave a nice strangers without asking for her number……:D

  2. 31 Jan 08 11:50 am

    yea, sometimes I do have that kind of feeling when I have no idea what to talk about with friends/family/ etc.etc…
    like I said, I’m not that talkative, so usually people talk to me, not me talk to them.
    to have the ‘ER keywords’, hmm.. maybe I should try that. but still, from what I observe the people around me, they are the one who made the talk, not me, heheh… even though sometimes I feel like talking, but mostly I end up listening to them. what a pity.
    so that’s why I talk mostly in my blog and cats around, because they won’t interrupt my talking, and I know they love it 🙂

  3. 31 Jan 08 2:58 pm

    filantera – hey.. I don’t recall ever giving you any advice on asking for stranger’s number, 🙂 hm wait.. maybe back when I’m still single hehe

    Anyway… talking to stranger can really build up your conversational skill. There’s nothing to lose, if you fail, you start over. But of course, the ground rule is try not to be annoying to anyone

  4. banji
    31 Jan 08 3:02 pm

    azuwachan – ya.. There are a lot of people who like to talk and talk, and never like to listen.

    But still do practise that conversational skill. You will definitely need that in your future career. Start slow, maybe by telling a story. It should be an interesting story, so the people listening will want to hear the ending.

    Tell us how that goes kay? 🙂

  5. 01 Feb 08 3:31 am

    Agagagaga…i love to talk…talk…and talk… People won’t get bored of me..(i think so) but when it comes to the person i like..i become speechless…aiyooo…suddenly no word on my mind..normally i akan tgk persekitaran and make joke..mcm u ckp la..cerita sal that man yg kat trafic light… Dak pun cerita sal weather yg tak menentu now..mcm itew la…

    Nak minta num itew interesting…Agagaga..i selalu nak kira minta a guy’s fon num tapi tak terminta bab adoi…i ni malu siot bab ni..Agagagaga…no wonder la no guy friend now…Agagagaga…

  6. banji
    01 Feb 08 9:34 am

    aRa – hehe i totally understand. everything seems inappropriate when it comes to that person. not that we don’t know what to say, but the words just can’t come out. suddenly so many filters

    pasal minta phone number tu, tak semestinya buat. kdg2 culture kita pandang serong gak kalau kita minta. follow ur heart, kalau that guy is worth asking his phone number… then just ask 🙂

  7. Vladimir
    25 Sep 08 9:52 pm

    google trends service is good to refresh list of emergency words. ^_^

  8. 26 Sep 08 8:30 pm

    Vladimir – That’s a very high tech solution 🙂 Nice though

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