Summary – 2 + 2 – 1 = 3

People always complain that somehow their workload seems to be endless and not decreasing in number. There are always files or documents to do on the work table, and even though we spend a lot of time to finish the work, the files and documents doesn’t seem to be reducing in number, instead they are increasing.

I’m not going to venture about prioritizing or the Pareto application. Instead I am more interested in the how to motivate ourselves to clear our desk by the end of the day.

This is what I do for motivation

The secret to the motivation actually lies in this mathematical formula

2 + 2 – 1 = 3

This is the formula that describe why our work will always pile up. Simply, we have 2 works, and 2 more works were given, but we just finish 1. So logically tomorrow we will start the day with 3 works.

Yes, this is very logical. Everybody knows this. But the logical truth is, if we don’t finish up more work than the amount of extra work given, it will definitely pile up each day. No other secrets

We can learn everything there is to know about getting things done or GTD, but all those theory will not reduce that mountain of work if we do not finish more work than the amount of work added.

So if later, you are not interested to finish up your work, or maybe that procrastination gene kicks in, remember the formula given.

I leave the other two formulas for you to decipher

2 + 2 – 2 = 2

2 + 2 – 3 = 1

– I wonder –
How do you motivate yourself to finish the work?

——— Personal Note ———-
I spent most of the working time in the mill, however I know that back in the office, my mountain of paper work are there waiting and smiling. I’m still working on a more efficient system on how to finish the work. Currently I dedicate my 4pm especially to do the paperwork.

Anybody interrupt me during this period will face my wrath. A cute kind of wrath 🙂 (I am not that good in being angry at people)

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  1. 05 Mar 08 10:15 am

    well this is a true thing!!…
    i do have those problem with work that it seems like endless. I always try to pass the
    ‘monkey’ to someone else before going back home.

    cause monkey is a disaster to be brought to home cause they’ll breed and bug the whole house untill the family breaks.

  2. amirahsyuhada
    05 Mar 08 11:10 am

    On the first look, arghhh Math today in, almost decide to not read the Then..oohh..its just a simple math to motivate

    I wish our work can be simple as that. I am in high motivation to finish my work when only when it become a last minute Thats a big problem, I know..

  3. 05 Mar 08 3:00 pm

    I wonder if anyone found the multiply and divide formula related to your stuff

  4. banji
    05 Mar 08 6:51 pm

    DaPocket – Totally agree with you, bringing work home must be avoided. But, at one time, I have no choice but to bring back some work. Too many to do… But not that often la

    I think one thing about work that should never never be brought home, is the problem or working mood. Never unleash your work related anger or frustration to your family.

    amirahsyuhada – Always honored to have you reading and commenting here. appreciate the support.

    On the contrary, work is really that simple. We just have to simplify it. Too much work, delegate or reorganize. Some of the work is just redundant. But I have to agree that the process of simplifying is usually very complicated. How ironic 🙂

    3POINT8 – I’m sure someone out there will manage to come up with one 🙂 Maybe you have some idea to start with?

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