Summary – It’s not luck

Believe it or not, there’s actually a secret. How often do we read in the newspaper of people winning $1 Million, Some win cars and others win houses and more cash.

Are they just lucky?

Of course they are… But luck alone will never help anyone to win a contest. The actual secret that help them win is actually the fact that they participate in the contest

I’ve seen many times in the internet when a contest was announced with very attractive prize, cash up to hundreds of dollars, and when asked how many participate, there are only about 20 readers. And guess what, that blog actually receive hundreds of visitors everyday with 1000 over RSS readers.

We can be a genius with words, or we can design the most beautiful art but if we didn’t make the first move of joining a contest, we will never win anything.

Forget everything about being shy, or procrastinate joining to another time or that wait and see attitude. If you see an opportunity, just grab it.

True, I may have a hidden agenda in this post to promote LessonInLife’s First Lucky Draw announced yesterday. The lucky draw is still open until the 27th March of 2008. And you can easily participate by posting a comment at the contest post..

But the truth is, we always do the same thing to other opportunities in life. If for example, the girl of our dream sits alone in the cafe, most of the time, we will just avoid from introducing ourselves to her. This is the wrong attitude. There’s no way she can know you if you didn’t introduce yourself to her.

Or sometimes we were presented with a business opportunity. And everything about the business are convincing. Still we take our time and take that wait and see attitude. Most of the time, the opportunity will just pass us by leaving us regretting not doing anything then.

So guys, let’s try to change this attitude. It’s very simple actually.. You see an opportunity, you grab it.

– Disclaimer –
I’m totally against gambling. And this post is never meant to promote gambling. Also, when you are deciding on your business investment, be sure to do research first. In this specific case, research fast 🙂

– I wonder –
Have you ever won anything before? Tell us the story.

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  1. 17 Mar 08 9:44 am

    I don’t want to spoil a surprise that has a good connection with this issue, but what I want to say here is, yes, lady luck will be beside those who try to do it 🙂
    what’s the surprise, hehe… wait and see. I’ll tell ya sometime later, ok bang banji 🙂

  2. 17 Mar 08 11:55 am

    azuwachan – I wonder what’s the surprise is? hehe looking forward to the news

  3. 17 Mar 08 4:10 pm

    Yeah..If I’m not mistaken my mother said: If you see something that you like, grab it.

    Oppurtunity always come in our life, sometimes we see it and sometime we don’t.

    But this time, probably I’ll try to grab it..hehe(Banji’s contest)

  4. 17 Mar 08 4:31 pm

    never exactly won anything..but twice in this life i felt really rewarded for my hard work..

    the first one when i was selected to represent malaysia at japan, years ago
    second when i am the only female candidate from > 200 person go for an extremely hard interview for an international company..

    so..if hard work gives me rewards like that, then i’m all into working hard!!

  5. banji
    17 Mar 08 5:58 pm

    soleh – wise words 🙂 they do come and go, and wait for no one

    You are definitely entitled, but whether you win or not, will depends on luck.. but at least you have more chance than those who does not participate

    anne – that’s so cool being selected to represent Malaysia. I wonder what’s your second time feeling rewarded? 🙂

  6. 18 Mar 08 11:56 am

    second when i am the only female candidate from > 200 person go for an extremely hard interview for an international company.. had to take a difficult test before qualifying.. the 200 has been shortlisted to 12, then the 12 shortlisted to 3…and I am still the only girl..hehe

  7. 18 Mar 08 5:22 pm

    i saw a girl, she was smiling at me.
    i smile to her back, she ask for my number…

    do i?
    grab the chance? huha huha huha huha….

    🙂 😛

  8. banji
    18 Mar 08 7:17 pm

    anne – it turns out you’ve already answered them 🙂 must have been my blur moment that time.. So among the three, are you chosen? So interested to know 🙂

    DaPocket – unless that girl is your mrs… I woudnt recommend you to grab the chance hahah,

    Of course grab the chance does include a small note way below “Legal chance only”

  9. 20 Mar 08 6:07 pm

    no i didnt..
    the company had some setbacks not long after..
    so they stopped hiring people..

    so much for sponsoring my flight ticket to labuan and KL for the interview..hehe

  10. 20 Mar 08 7:24 pm

    anne – I see.. 🙂 anyway it’s still an amazing thing being the final three right?

    That itself is a statement 🙂

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