Summary – Help me derive the golden rules of trusting people

A quick recap, yesterday I wrote about how I was cheated because I trust people. In short, A guy drove into my car’s rear bumper and damage it. When asked for repair money, he just said that he didn’t have the money. So I just accept that RM100 (USD33) he offered and believe him that he will pay the remainder that evening. He never answered my phone call.

I kept replaying the whole scenario in my mind, and one thing I noticed is that I will most probably be doing the same mistake again. Yes, I will trust him again.

I guess that’s my fatal flaw. Even though I know that trusting people should be exercised with great caution, I still can’t help but giving people the chance to be trusted. I’ve always felt that if trusting each other no longer exist in the world, it will be like sleeping over at your enemy’s house. You just can’t go to sleep. No.. I don’t want that.

Today, I would like to ask you guys a very important question. What’s your golden rule when it comes to trusting people? What’s your criteria to decide whether or not to trust a person.

At the moment, here’s mine :

1) Always trust the family
I’m sure everyone will have different opinion on this. My family however are very very close. And even though we may have different of opinion, in the end, I can always count on them for anything.

2) Never trust anyone when it comes to money
This rule is just established immediately after the incident. Money, unfortunately can cloud our judgment and most of the time brings out the worst of us.


As you can see, it’s not very well developed yet. But I’m hoping your feedback will help. I’d like to know what’s your golden rules on trusting people. Care to share?

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  1. 24 Mar 08 10:17 pm

    well usually people would do everything they can to avoid paying money.
    including begging
    including lying.

    well… i’d say that when it come to money.
    never trust a outsider. huhuuu…

  2. banji
    24 Mar 08 10:54 pm

    DaPocket – yup.. That’s so true, and I learnt it the hard way

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