Summary – Do not immunize your demotivation

It’s been a while since I last answer questions from readers . A new friend of mine, Evan was discussing with me on an interesting topic, which is on how to stay motivated.

Basically Evan knows what he want and he wants to take control of his life, trying to get back in shape, get better grades and be more organized. However, the problem is after a while of working on that, he will lose motivation and everything’s back to square one. To start back the whole routine is very tiring. Where did he go wrong?

I’m not going to list down motivational tools. Instead I’m planning to go into an area not popularly approached but nevertheless equally important, which are the rules of staying motivated. Yes, there are rules.

How many of us actually read motivational books and blogs, or go to seminar and feeling all fired up to start gaining control of our life, when suddenly after a few weeks, we return back to our original condition, unmotivated and lazy.

I know I have.

This is what I think happened. There are two hidden rules in all motivation. Allow me to explain.

Rule 1 : You must want to feel motivated

All motivation require us to actually want to change. But what happen when we don’t actually like the feeling of motivated itself. Everything is already a failure even before we start.

You must first want to feel motivated. Not to change but to be motivated. Believe me, everything will change once you have that desire to feel motivated.

My personal suggestion is for you to have a mantra set in your mind. “I want to feel motivated” or “I love being motivated” should do the trick.

Rule 2 : Never Use Motivational Tools When You Are Not Complying Rule 1.

This is quite complex. But let me give you an example. Has any doctors ever told you that when you were prescribed with antibiotics, you should finish all of the medicine even though you are cured. Why? Because, by not finishing your antibiotics, the virus/germ will only be weaken and not completely killed. If they survived, they will become more immuned to the medicine. And that’s why sometimes you will need a stronger dosage of medicine.

The same goes to motivation. This is our medicine. However, if you really don’t want to feel motivated yet you still read those motivation stories for example, you will definitely not be motivated afterward since you just don’t want it.

In the end, slowly you will feel that these stories no longer work to motivate you. And you will start looking for other means to motivate you.

My personal suggestion is to only read motivational stories when you really want to be inspired. Don’t read them and then just procrastinate things. Do this : Whenever you read any motivational stories, get up immediately and do something about it. Don’t be immunized by not taking action immediately.

Hopefully this will weaken the virus inside 🙂

– I wonder –
What are your personal tips to stay motivated

——— Personal Note ———-
I always like to use the sand in a cup of water approach. Sand will always settle down at the bottom of the cup. We have no choice but to regularly stir the water to get the sand occupying the water volume evenly. The same goes to motivation and other things in life. It’s one of those thing that we must keep doing. The sand doesn’t stay float forever.

Oh ya, to everyone reading, feel free to contact me should you have any questions. I’m not claiming I will have the answers, but I will definitely offer my best insight on them 🙂

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  1. 01 Apr 08 8:51 am

    first time reading the 2 rules, felt like i’ve seen it before in Fight Club – BradPitt
    ‘rule no 1… do not tell a soul about fight club’
    ‘rule no 2… do NOT tell a soul about fight club’

    but when i read it again… the rule is actually something different.

    i like the sand in the cup theory.
    U just need to keep on stirring.
    Let the …
    Sweet smell of the goal
    Fun Experience on the way
    …………………………………move u

  2. belladonna
    01 Apr 08 10:03 am

    Im one of those who are hangat-hangat tahi ayam when it comes to self motivation.. especially when it comes to losing weight.

    I learned that in order to stay motivated, I have to REALLY, REALLY want it plus kena ada ramai orang kata aku gemuk, then barulah menjadi. Hihi

    Have a nice day Banji 🙂

  3. 01 Apr 08 12:19 pm

    walla.. this was such a coincidence.. a few minutes ago.. i was talking to a colleague about us being demotivated. we hv been doing the same job for the past 2 years.. as promotion arise we are hoping for a change in jobscope…but.. hmmm

    I wonder how those who work in a factory.. i mean the operator pengeluaran doing the same job everyday… aduh..

  4. 01 Apr 08 2:33 pm

    I can motivate myself, probably because I’m such a positive person. I look at things in positive, optimistic way.
    Sometimes I do feel frustrated and want to give up. And no motivation could help me, so what I do is let the time heals.
    And avoid listening to sad songs, huhu..

    p/s: according to Dr. Fadzilah Kamsah, those who were born in May (like me) can be self-motivated, hehe… probably he is right. at least for me 🙂

  5. banji
    01 Apr 08 9:23 pm

    DaPocket – I haven’t watch Fight Club. 🙂 so I will have to take your word for it

    Good for you that you found the elements that move you. As long as you know where to find them, you will never lose them

    Belladonna – We are very much the same. I am too having trouble when it comes to losing weight. I guess it’s because the result takes time to see.

    However, I don’t think having people calling me gemuk (fat) will do me any good, since most of the time it will just go into one ear and out in another 🙂 Have a nice day too bella

  6. banji
    01 Apr 08 11:58 pm

    nolee – Don’t you know I have cameras installed there at the ministry? 🙂

    But you are right, we should be amazed at the factory workers. I wouldn’t be able to do the same tedious job even for 15 minutes. And they are doing it daily 8 hours and sometimes more just to catch up on those overtime.


    azuwachan – That’s the best way to look at life – Positively. And I agree with you that sometimes when there are nothing we can do, just let the time heals our soul.

    Most of the time, that’s exactly what we need.

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