Bottle of Water

Summary – To spend your money, you must first know where it is.

I was having tea as usual yesterday at the canteen when suddenly I realize that I have no recollection when is it that I started having tea. I guess it goes way back to my studying time.

Assuming I have tea every day since 1996, and each cup of tea cost about 50 cents, that would add up to $180 per year. And if I save that 50 cents in a bank with 4% compounded interest, by end of this year I will have an extra $3100.

That money is more than enough for me to take the mrs for another honeymoon in Langkawi ๐Ÿ™‚

But nothing good can come from regretting the past. If I want to do anything, I should be doing it with what I have now. So I come up with a mission.

From now on, I will bring along a bottle of water whenever I go to work. And when I go to take my breakfast, I will only drink water from the bottle. No more going to the canteen, just to buy canned drink when I’m thirsty.

Roughly calculated, I usually go to the canteen at least twice daily. One for breakfast and another just for a quick drink on a hot day. Assuming I’m saving $1.50 everyday, by the end of the year, I will have an extra $500 every year just from that alone.

The money can be used to hire designer to renovate the blog design, or to aggresively promote the blog, or as a prize for blog’s contest and of course for blog maintenance.

I think it might just work. What do you think?

The actual message of today’s article.
If you want to spend on something, make sure you know where the money will come from. Don’t just subscribe to your favorite magazine, apply for personal loan, buy a car without even knowing how to pay for it. You must know from where you can get that spending money (maybe from your increment, or annual bonus etc). If you don’t bother to figure this out, you will end up bankrupt in no time.

——- Personal Note ——-
My mill is actually undergoing its annual inspection. It is now not operating until the 12th of May where an officer from the Department of Safety and Health will inspect and approve the mill’s operation.

Due to that, I am relatively busier these few days. And with the hot weather, no wonder I’m beginning to frequent the canteen a bit more than my average ๐Ÿ™‚

Photoย Credit – Muhammad.u

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  1. 09 May 08 8:43 am

    ya, qemmmal juga praktik kan itu. instead of buying choc milk everyday which cost rm1.60, i just drink mineral water. (lain la kalau kempunan :P)

  2. banji
    09 May 08 11:41 am

    Qemmal – banyak boleh save kan? keep it up.. tapi sy sendiri mmg penggila choc milk ๐Ÿ™‚ ntah nape ntah

  3. filantera`
    09 May 08 11:50 am

    the taste of the freshness of tea in a hot day is marvellous:D

  4. 09 May 08 7:47 pm

    filantera – you can always bring the tea to work ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. 09 May 08 8:11 pm

    now now brother…
    u have to remember, if u’r not buying the tea u’r suppose to buy everyday, the money might just end up somewhere else.

    Why cant we take a can of milo.
    an empty one..
    label it, ‘the T Money’
    put inside your daily 50 cents and
    bank it in after oneyear.

    Then will the ‘T Money’ brings u fortune:D
    Just my two cents^^

  6. banji
    10 May 08 12:12 am

    DaPocket – thanks for reminding me. Yup, we definitely need to put aside the money saved in a safe place. Even though it may not be safe from the most efficient taker (you).. we have to find one. I’m currently using an empty bottle of mineral water (the biggest in the store) for this purpose. Hoping that the small mouth of the bottle might hinder me from taking the money saved

    Another things come to mind is to automatically reward yourself everytime you manage to buy food but drink from the water you brought. Pay yourself 50 cents ๐Ÿ™‚ immediately

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