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Summary – Don’t branch out too far

I was cleaning my house yesterday. Well it has been left for quite some time so there’s a lot to clean. And it is very hard to keep that motivation up when there’s so much to do.

What I do is this..

I started with my bedroom. As always there will be things that I need to move from my room to another room. Maybe a travelling bag which was supposed to be in the store. Or my MP3 cds that were supposed to be kept in the car.

Here is where I learn something about sustaining motivation. I noticed that I can easily lose motivation if I immediately bring the items to its place. For example, if I found the MP3 cds in my room, and immediately brought them to the car, I will usually be more tired and often decide to postpone the whole cleaning to another time.

So I come up with a new system. When I clean the bedroom, I will just leave all the items to be removed from the room just outside the door. I just pile it up there. And when I finished with the room, I will start clean the next room and move the items to another room while putting a few of the items in its rightful place through out the process.

By the end of the day, I have cleaned the entire house, and all the items are put in place 🙂 (My proudest moment)

Conclusion – So this is my theory. When you are working on something, put all other works outside the door. Just a few cm outside. It can pile up to be a mountain of stuff but that shouldn’t bother you because you are working on this side of the door.

If you entertain every additional work or those minor minor things that comes up while you’re working, you are already losing your motivation.

Our attention and concentration is not infinite. Just like money, if we spend it, we will be left with less money. Period. There’s no way a person who does 100 jobs in 24 hours will have better quality that a person who does 50 jobs in 24 hours.

– I wonder –
How do you keep your motivation sustained?

———– Personal Note ———–
As requested by Fairuzniza, I attached two very recent photos of Zafirah 🙂 My new motivation in life


This is taken on 1st of June, She still had some level of Jaundice. But I just love this one


I think that should be her first smile ever in her life 🙂

Photo Credit – Tifotter

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  1. 13 Jun 08 2:14 pm

    uncle, i always do that when i was cleaning my rooms-either the room at home,or at the hostel. and the result is…walla! i managed to clean it..haha~ [my proudest moment as well…]

    ps-thanks for the pic. she is soooo cute 😀 and she reminds me of amani, my 2nd niece..huhu..[but amani is way more bulat than zafirah.. :p]

    tq uncle! send my regards to the mrs and zafirah 😀

  2. 13 Jun 08 3:15 pm

    betol tu. buat satu2 dulu, nnt dikit2 lama2 jd bukit kan??
    pastu buat ikut kemampuan. jangan tangguh keje, Insya Allah beres keje, tak gitu bang banji? hehe.. 🙂

  3. banji
    13 Jun 08 6:21 pm

    Fairuzniza – Nothing beats the satisfaction we got from achieving something that hard to do

    I can’t help but smiling everytime I look at the picture. 🙂

    Azuwachan – betol 🙂 tapi tu la. the idea is always there.. cuma susah sgt nak laksanakan, kena come up with some tools to help.

  4. 17 Jun 08 11:36 am

    comeynyer zafirah
    macam mata ayahandanya sajer… 😀

  5. banji
    17 Jun 08 1:06 pm

    Nolee hehe i was actually hoping that part of me in her 🙂

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