Summary – Wake up like a kindergartener

The Shocking News
I have a niece who is 5 years old and she is now in the kindergarten. I am totally shocked the other day when her mother told me that she will have to take written exams, and that examination paper will be sent to a centralized marking center.

Seriously? They do that for a kindergarten child now? I don’t know about you, but when I was in kindergarten, all we ever do is to sing songs, dance, learn a few things and spend the rest of the day playing with friends.

Down The Memory Lane
I know it’s not that productive if compared to the children nowadays, but I have a lot of fun. And everyday when I woke up I was very eager to start my day. Where has that gone?

Kindergarten back then was never about examination. It was more on introducing the children to learning environment and teaching them how to interact with other children. The best things that we learnt were never from the text book. We learn about friendship, sharing, flirting etc ourselves and that makes waking up everyday at the time so much fun.

Life Is One Big Kindergarten
Why can’t we try this? Don’t wake up everyday to go to work. Instead –

1) Learn new stuff
But not from the typical lecture notes. Learn how to make a kite maybe, and then how to fly it. We all know the latter is so much harder to learn.

2) Create theory
Create new theory everyday to explain your life. I do this all the time. There may not be any proof to my theory but it makes me open to new ideas. An example of a theory I come up from scratch is – My Theory On Ghost. Enjoy.

3) Experiment with your life
Do you know what makes you laugh? or the kind of jokes that do? How about other emotion? What will trigger your anger immediately?

For students, you can do an experiment on when exactly the best time to study. The time that will make understanding easier.

4) Meet new people
Too many people in one’s life can be suffocating, but there are so many amazing and interesting people out there. The more people we know, the better the chances are that we will find them

5) Contribute a piece of your life
Waking up to give something of yours is a very noble thing to do. It may not be material, the best thing we can give to other person is help and time. I bet when we are done, we will feel more satisfied with our life. And yes.. Happier too

– I wonder –
What else can we wake up everyday to?

———— Personal Note ———-
One of the most memorable memory of my kindergarten is when I get punched the first time in my life. There’s a bully by the name Zam, and he punched me right at the stomach. I’m not sure how I settled that problem though 🙂

Photo Credit – Sciondriver

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  1. 01 Aug 08 2:47 pm

    wake up, and think, what can i do today that i didn’t do well yesterday? just choose one. u’ll be exited and enthusiatic the whole day. 🙂

  2. banji
    02 Aug 08 4:21 pm

    Wilda – That’s a good one. But perhaps you can try doing that just before you go to sleep. Muhasabah bak kata arab 🙂

    I once felt energetic one whole day for no apparent reason. Sometimes it make me wonder what sparks that, and if I can replicate the same thing everyday. Still working on it

  3. 31 Aug 08 4:46 am

    Yeah…suka this entry…i need to wake up dowh…alahai…

  4. banji
    31 Aug 08 10:04 am

    aRa – tak wake up lagi ke? kurang rezeki nanti bangun lewat2 ni hehe. Anyway thanks for enjoying the article.

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