Summary – 5 things you must procrastinate

We’ve all heard that procrastination is the one enemy of productivity. In fact I myself have written a few articles on combatting procrastination.

However, procrastination is not all that bad. There are a few unique cases that we should consider procrastination as an option. In most of the case, it is by far the best option.

Allow me to name a few of those cases where procrastination should be practised.

1) Procrastinate Spending Money
Another word for spending money is of course shopping. Just procrastinate it all together. Everytime you have the urge to do shopping just for the sake of killing time. Procrastinate it. Just say “I will do this later, not now”. If that doesn’t work, repeat this “You hear me?? LATER!!” 🙂

But first you must know the difference between fundamental things and leasure things. You don’t want to mix the two, if not you will buy that extra pair of pants when you are actually going to buy some food.

2) Procrastinate Agreeing to Unbelievably Good Deals
How often you have just received your paycheck when suddenly a well dressed man approaches you offering the best massage chair in the world. The way he describes the amazing feature of the massage chair is so convincing that you are preparing to surrender all your money to him smilingly.

No offense to all the sales person reading, salesman are really good at this. You are not even thinking of a chair when you walk out of the bank, but suddenly you just can’t stop thinking about the deal.

Rule of thumb when approached by sales person, if you don’t need it 5 minutes ago, you probably don’t need it now. Procrastinate the decision to sometime later in the future.

3) Procrastinate Deciding On Non-Urgent Matter
Non urgent matter are decision that need to be made but you still have time to think about it. For examples, the name of your future children, or where to invest your hard earned money.

You don’t need to decide now. You still have a lot of time to think of a good name or doing research on your investment option. Yes, you may be a little late, but you are giving yourself the chance to be better equipped.

Please notice the keyword “Equipped”. There’s no point of procrastinating decision making, if you just end up NOT any wiser on the subject.

4) Procrastinate Unstable Emotion
How to procrastinate your emotion? Not easy, that much I can tell you, but not impossible.

When you are depressed, just say this out loud. “I can’t do this now. I’ll have to suck it up and deal with this emotion later”. Difficult to do? believe me it is doable. I personally am always stressed out at work, but when I get home. I just postpone the stress to tomorrow, when I can actually do something about it.

Why bother panicking about work not finished when you are at home. There’s no way you can finish your work at home since the work is at the office. So worry about it tomorrow.

You think this is difficult? Wait till you read no 5. Oh wait, here it is.

5) Procrastinate “Procrastination Activity”
When you are supposed to clean up the house, and you think about doing it later. What do you end up doing?

This is procrastination activity. Things like watching television, playing games or taking unnecessary nap. How about procrastinating this as a change? Number 4 doesn’t seem so difficult now, does it?

Conclusion – Just like anything else, procrastination on the 5 items listed above will be easier to do if you make a conscious decision to do it later. Say it out loud that you are not going to do this now.

Happy procrastinating!

– I wonder –
Is there any other unique cases that I might have missed?

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  1. 02 Aug 08 5:43 pm

    Hi Banji, Nice to see you posting and sure the baby is inspiring many thoughts too:)

    I thought of one;

    How about procrastinating a fight or an argument. Sometimes it helps.

  2. 03 Aug 08 3:52 am

    Procrastinating before passing on “helpful” advice to friends.

    Excellent list and a very interesting was of approaching the topic.

  3. 03 Aug 08 10:48 am

    I would say, procrastinate if you’re too overwhelmed and tired. I know, procrastination may be the reason why you got to that state — but still, if, at the end of the day, if you’re tired and out of energy, it’s time to put it aside and go to bed.


  4. banji
    03 Aug 08 3:49 pm

    Deeps – Brilliant. consciously procrastinating argument will help many couples. Sometimes we argue not in search of the better choice, most of the time ego plays a part. By procrastinating an argument, we will have more time to see the problem as what it really is.


    Carol – Thank you Carol. Also a good point, procrastinating from giving out advice. We tend to be very helpful sometime aren’t we? 🙂

    Ari Koinuma – Interesting.. it’s a cruel circle. we procrastinate and do other stuff until we are tired, then we use that tiredness to justify procrastinating the work.

    But I agree that work done when you’re tired will be sloppy. A better option is to get some rest, and work on it after we are refresh

  5. 04 Aug 08 11:54 pm

    Procastinate??? Hmm.. i shud be the CEO if it is a company… Hahaha! I am a huge PROCASTINATOR!

  6. 05 Aug 08 7:40 pm

    AkakPokPek – Hail CEO 🙂

  7. 12 Aug 08 8:34 am

    Interesting insight since a lot of negative articles were written on procrastination. It is nice to read negative attitude put on a positive perspective.

    more power.


  8. banji
    13 Aug 08 9:06 pm

    James – Thank you for reading James. I always believe that there are two sides of everything. 🙂 Welcome to the blog

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