Summary – 11 simple steps to solve problem eficiently

What’s life without some challenge right? The truth is we are bound to encounter some bump in our life, some problem to be solved. We are doing it all the time, most of the time problem solving will come naturally just like breathing air. We just see a problem, we know exactly how to approach it.

Allow me to add some additional steps on how to solve problem. A few steps that I think equally important but often forgotten..

1) Smile. The first thing you need to do is to smile. Seriously when you smile at a problem. Any problem will look easier to solve. Trust me on this.

2) Is it really a problem? Ask this question first before you attempt to solve it. Sometimes it may look like a problem, giving you stress like a problem but it really is not. An example is when you want to get a slimmer body. Before you rush to buy a diet pills, check your BMI first. You may end up knowing that you are actually at your most optimum weight.

3) Define your problem, then redefine it one more time. Most of the time the problem is not that you have an insomnia, it’s the sound of that drop of water in your bathroom.

4) Consider Do-Nothing approach. Some problem is better left unsolved. An example would be going to work when it’s raining heavily, (you have no car or a rain coat).. the best approach is just to do nothing and wait for the rain to stop.

5) Occum’s Razor Principle. The principle basically says that when all the condition remain constant, the simplest solution tend to be the best ones. Simply explained, most of the time, the solution to a problem is actually simple. You want to be rich, more saving less spending (My More & Less Concept)

6) Google. By google, I’m not saying we should search online. It can very well be offline. Human has been around for thousands of years. I truly believe any problem in the world at any moment has happened before and thus the solution is already there. We just need to know how to look for it.

7) One step backward. Usually a problem will comes with stress. The longer it takes to solve a problem, the more stressful it will become. Whenever you are feeling more stressful with the problem, stop right there. Take one step backward. Leave your thinking cap behind.

Yes, some mind work more efficiently with pressure, some doesn’t. If you are in the latter group, taking that calming step backward (literally) and observe the problem in a different way. Just like a person hiding behind a rock, When you move he move. There’s no way you can see him unless you look from a helicopter.

8] Sleep on it. For those who might not be familiar, when we sleep, our subconscious mind will work on all our problems. And that is why, problems usually don’t feel that critical in the early morning as compared to last night. The idea is to present the problem in our head. Not to think the solution of the problem before you sleep. This will only cause you to have difficulty sleeping.

9) Cryogenic the problem. In sci-fi movie, people often undergo cryogenic procedure when they have incurable disease, and they are hoping that in the future, the medical technology will be so advance that that disease will be curable. If that problem is not urgent, why not keep it unsolved for a while. Who knows, in time we will be better equipped to solve it.

10) Some problems are not meant to be solved. Do you know that there are millions of black hole in the galaxy. If one comes as close to earth as the sun from the earth, we will be sucked into the black hole. You can worry all your life about this, but why? We can’t solve this problem, so just leave it be.

11) Solution equals bigger problem? So you have found a solution. Now think again, what will this solution affect. If the solution will pose another greater problem, isn’t it better to just live with the smaller problem instead?

/end list

– I wonder –
Any other ideas on how to solve problems?

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  1. 20 May 08 6:37 am

    but this is technical approach.
    Why fat?
    -due to too much eat
    why too much eat?
    -due to stress,
    why stress,
    -due to work

    and so on … hheheh solve the fourth and fifth and u’ll solve the problem πŸ˜€

  2. banji
    20 May 08 2:09 pm

    DaPocket – A very efficient tool if I may add, Thanx bro.

    For those who might not be familiar, The “5 why” method basically suggest that you ask yourself 5 “Why” questions with regards to your problem. Usually you will end up with the root cause of your problem. πŸ™‚

  3. 20 May 08 4:02 pm

    beautiful πŸ™‚

  4. 21 May 08 5:16 am

    I’m a pack member, so thanks for the welcome!
    I think those are all good suggestions, so I only have one to add: Two heads often are better than one. I’m not looking for someone else to solve my problems, but I do benefit from getting someone else’s perspective. In fact, just getting someone to listen is of great benefit, rather it’s a professional mentor, a friend or a family member.

  5. banji
    21 May 08 8:04 am

    lin – Thanks

    Anita Bruzzese – Again welcome to the blog. Thank you for the additional tips. It’s true that other’s perspective can be very different from ours. From our pov, we see that there is only one way to do this.. other person might not think the same.

  6. 22 Oct 08 2:59 am

    i like this it is funny

  7. banji
    22 Oct 08 8:38 pm

    Cathy – Thanks for reading Cathy

  8. 31 Oct 08 2:41 am

    cool beans!!

  9. Tony
    18 Jun 09 8:54 pm

    You missed the 5-Why tech .

  10. 29 Jun 09 6:28 pm

    Tony – I agree, 5 Why technique is one of the best methods to solve problem. Thank you.

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  12. Rakesh Barik
    03 Aug 12 6:50 pm

    Thnx Banji for the tips. It has worked out for me.

  13. chris ranna
    17 Aug 16 8:24 pm

    I hope problems in my life wouldn’t be all that
    difficult again with this idea in mind…..

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