Previously in the comment of “Blog Warming Session“, I was asked to calculate a lengthy mathematical question using only my mind. Thanx to that, the rusted corner of mathematical solving department in my brain was working overtime hehe.

It reminds me though of a trick you can try on your children, or young “adult”.


  1. First of all, you must have that look like a psychic ready to posses those of weaker soul (to create that aura of you having real magic.. pretty much like the picture above minus the green)
  2. Hand the victim a calculator

The trick

You – Are you ready? I’m going to show you that I can actually read your mind… ok think of a number.. any number, let’s make it harder.. any number between 1 and 100. Done?

Victim – Yeah right, ok done. (he’s thinking of number 34)

You – Is that it? I can give the number straight away la.. make it harder lah. You multiply the number with 2. Here use this calculator

Victim – ok (34 X 2 = 68)

You – What else? ok try add the result with 5

Victim – ok (68 + 5 = 73)

You – Hm still too easy.. try multiply the total with 40.. no make it 50 lah

Victim – ok, whatever (73 X 50 = 3650)

You – oh ya we had done multiply and addition, we forget minus. you minus la that total with let say.. the number of days in a year…

Victim – number of days? 365? ok (3650 – 365 = 3285). So how long do I have to do this?

You – You had enough is it? ok lah… give me the total now. no no no, make it harder. otherwise you will think I’m just bluffing. You think of another number between 1 and 100. Add that number to the total just now.

Victim – this is the last right? ok done (he choose 57.. 3285 + 57 = 3342)

You – (looking more mysterious than ever) Give me the total number now

Victim – it’s 3342

You – That is actually your lucky number. Believe me, (looking bored) and by the way your first number is 34 and your second is 57.. you can go now

Victim – WTF

/end script

I guess you must all experienced this type of trick before right? Well, feel free to test this one on your unsuspecting victim. Oh ya to know what’s the number the victim thought. You just add the total with 115 (3342 + 115 = 3457). Can guess now, which one is the first number and which is the second?

What you do with this is totally up to you. But please, for the love of God.. Don’t try to flirt with magic trick.

————— Personal Note ————————–
It’s actually one of my hobby doing tricks. Not the commercialized one like in tv shows etc, it’s just of very basic type. And yes, one of my childhood (age 12) memory involving wooing girls with magic trick… hahah why cant I just forget those embarassing ones? Oh ya to humiliate me from time to time 🙂 Suffice to say.. it’s humiliatingKnow any tricks can share? (sincere attempt to change the topics hehe)

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  1. k o r o m y s t
    26 Jun 07 10:33 pm

    Hoho… tricks ka?

    Mari kita try sifir 9 guna tangan.
    Mula-mula kita nomborkan jejari kita.

    Start from the left, jari kelingking nombor 1, jari manis nombor 2, and so forth, sampailah ke jari kelingking kanan jadik nombor sepuluh.

    Wokeh, skang cuba kita try 3 x 9

    Kita turunkan jari nombor 3 (jari tengah/hantu kiri). Jadik spiderman jap haha…

    Skang jari yang tegak ada 2 di belah kiri jari yang turun tadi (jari kelingking kiri dan jari manis kiri)…

    … dan 7 yang tegak di sebelah kanan (jari telunjuk kiri sampaila ke jari kelingking kanan).

    Ada paham ker? xDDD

    So kita tengok kat jejari tegak tuh. Ada 2… pastu 7… haaa??? 27!! 3 x 9 kan 27? Hohoho…

    Try pulak 6 x 9…. dan seterusnya.

    Ingat yer, turunkan jari yang kita nomborkan enam awal-awal tadi (ibu jari kanan).

    Pening tak? Pening tak? Wahahaha xD

  2. k o r o m y s t
    26 Jun 07 10:35 pm

    Mende nih susah nak terang guna perkataan. Kena ada gambar tangan lengkap dengan jari. Tak boleh gambar tangan kudung huhuhu…

    Ohhh… terambil dua space komen lak hihihi…

  3. banji
    27 Jun 07 1:30 am

    koromyst – nice! kalau la ku tahu dari dulu… eheh seriusly boleh faham. keep it coming (kalau ada trick lain). pakai la berapa space pun 🙂

  4. filantera
    27 Jun 07 2:35 am

    heheh tricks….ingat lagi trick trick tu

    sampai skrg actually he still go around with that trick heheh

  5. Banji
    27 Jun 07 4:45 am

    hehe why not? there’s always a first time for everyone 🙂

  6. kakLuna
    27 Jun 07 6:07 am

    hobi saya baca blog 🙂

  7. banji
    27 Jun 07 6:30 am

    kakluna – its impossible to go wrong with reading.. harapnya blog sy yg x seberapa ni termasuk dlm list bacaan harian kak luna 🙂

  8. nurazzah8
    27 Jun 07 2:08 pm

    tumpang lalu sekejap ya banji,

    koromyst, kalau sifir lain macamana pulak…sifir 2 hingga sifir 8???

    banji, seronok jugak main trick nih..anak2 saya pun suka bagi trick kat saya…alaaa… trick budak2 lah…

    pernah juga dia bagi saya trick mcm banji bagi kat n3 terbaru tu

  9. Banji
    27 Jun 07 2:49 pm

    nurazah8 – budak2 le yg paling cepat tangkap benda2 mcm ni, kdg2 diorg yg design sendiri trick2 tu.

    pasal kali2 tu… i know one method boleh congak je sifir, tapi nanti la sy postkan. 🙂

  10. Nandy
    07 Jun 12 5:00 pm

    Hi There, I would like learn about mind reading trick. Please guide me to right channel.
    Regards, Nandy

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