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Summary –  The more we work, the more work we found

Wow.. 2 days of maintenance.. And still so much work to do. I have great plans for this blog. However unlike other pro-blogger, they dedicated all their time to blogging. I unfortunately still have a long way to go.

Isn’t it weird sometimes, when the more we work on a thing, the more work we found need to be done. For example, we were to service a car.. It should be a simple oil change, but when checked.. we found out that the tyre has already worn out, the balancing and allignment is all out.

Is the problem not there in the first place? of course no… the problem was definitely there before we want to do the servicing. But they were only detected after we do proper check.

So what should we do? Unfortunately… most people prefer to just ignore the problem by not going to do the servicing at all. This way, they feel like there is no problem with the car and everything will be ok. This is a typical reply – “Buat apa check kereta, nanti mesti jumpa banyak problem.. duit lagi”.. don’t you agree this is our Malaysian attitude?

Now.. is that even safe? logically, the problem will not disappear just because we choose to ignore it, that’s why the problem will worsen at the most critical time, and maybe.. I repeat maybe, that’s why we have so many accident case here in Malaysia

So what actually we should do? These are some ways that I think may help.

  • Regular check must be scheduled. This is a must. Any problem arises must be jotted down and schedule the repair for that arising problem in other time
  • Always prepare our mind to do a bit extra in anything we do, For example, servicing the car might only cause RM50, So prepare RM100 in hand everytime we service the car, should there is any extra repair.
  • That money, if not used, must be put into a “tabung” specifically for car maintenance.
  • Anything.. if seen in its big picture, will look big. So try to see it in pieces. For examples, the car has 12 problems. Maybe we can do one problem per month. Of course the most critical one first. It will not look difficult right?
  • Plan ahead. Problem is often feel very heavy when you suddenly encounter it. Suddenly the foreman tell you that your car is going to explode in 2 weeks if your do not do the repair. Of course you will feel the burden. By planning ahead, you know exactly what to do and what to expect
  • Knowledge knowledge knowledge… Your car may just have some wiring problem, but you change the whole lightbulb just because the foreman told you so. That is not very wise

The list is based on the example of a car. But truthfully, any problem and work is the same. The more work we do, the more work we usually found need to be done, Typical examples are like, studying (the more we study, the more we don’t know), getting to know your fiance (the more you try to figure him/her out, the more you feel clueless) etc. So try to adapt the list into other problems in hand.

Any other ways we can change that Elephant-sized problem to Mouse-sized problem?

—————- Personal Note ————-
My flu has still not recovered. It’s already two days. I guess it started when I have to dive into the river that day to check on a pipe. Heheh it was fun. Getting paid just to “Mandi Sungai” but the river is not that clear, it is more like a “Teh Tarik” sort of river.

I wonder whether there are any job that pay us RM10k for “mandi sungai”? 🙂

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  1. kenyi
    10 Nov 07 11:58 pm

    wow, thanks for your useful tips there!!

  2. banji
    11 Nov 07 12:27 am

    hi kenyi.. thanx for visitting 🙂 Please come again ya

  3. filantera
    12 Nov 07 8:33 am

    i think changing a light buld is way much cheaper than to redo all the wiring?hehehhe

    yeah, the more u ‘think’ u know her, the more surprise u (i) will see……………….:)

  4. 12 Nov 07 5:31 pm

    filantera – the whole wiring definitely will cost a bomb, but maybe there’s a wire loose somewhere.. that’s what I’m going to 🙂

    good luck with the knowing each other… it is going to be a never ending process hehe

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