Summary – Are you one of the unique ones?

You may have noticed that I always like to look back into my past memories. Some people dislike this and take that as being stuck in the past and not being progressive. Well I am progressive. From not having any blog, now I have one.

For me, memories are what make us alive. I like to know exactly how I lived. Not that I will do a diary, just so that.. I will know how I am in the past.. A treasure.

What do you think? do you prefer to forget your past or cherish them?

There are however some people who like to live in the past. For example, a man who is 30 years old, but still behaving like teenagers.. loitering around in shopping complex or spend time flirting with girls. Now that is just ridiculous. Of course teenager’s life is very exciting. Some may say that it is the best time of their life, not having to worry about responsibilities etc.

We can always wander back to those day and smile, but the reality is we are now older and the world we lived in is changing every day. So must we. We need to go to work to better ourself and earn money. That money need to be saved for retirement plan. Family must be taken care of. It’s cruel.. that we need to follow this rule but it is the way things are nowadays. Suck it up and do what you must.

Suddenly I remember fairy tale stories like Peter Pan, where nobody grow up.

There are however another type of people… And I must say that these are some of the most interesting and unique people in the world. They grow up.. they know their responsibilities and they perform them excellently. But in the same time, they still maintain in them the happiness of a child, the rebellious and free-spirit of a teenager, the passion and energy of a young man and the wisdom of an old man 🙂

I hope I can be one of them…

————— Personal Note ———–
I am going to share to you one of the most embarassing memories in my life. I don’t think anything I’ve done can top this. Everytime I remember it, I will close my eyes and hope it never happened. Why I’m telling you.. because hopefully after this.. I will not be that embarassed. (Now that the whole world knows it already)

During my study time, I am very interested to learn Silat (still do). There was one time, my partner and I was called by our Silat teacher and was asked to show the others a silat rehearsed fight. So there were us performing the fight. One thing about us two, is that when we practise, it will always be very serious-like, complete with face expression and shouting. After the fight finished… we were sitting with our friends when one of them whispered to me that I have farted quite noticably during the fight.. WAAAAAAA (blush)

Don’t let me be the only one here.. put up here ur most embarassing moment. U don’t even need to display ur nickname 🙂 Let’s spill them out from our chest (anonymously if you want) and let’s laugh and be laughed at hehe (this is me laughing at myself)

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  1. 21 Nov 07 11:12 am

    masihh cube pkk.. ade ke erkk pengalamann memalukan… heee lupa lah… nnt nak ingat ka balik. 🙂

  2. banji
    21 Nov 07 7:05 pm

    tic – takpe.. sangat2 difahami, pengalaman memalukan lah yg paling malu nak cite kat org 🙂 kalau ada, terus datang sini.. sy sudi membaca

    (sibuk je nak tau sy ni kan?)

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