Summary – Need to learn how to describe faces

The other day, I posted an article on ways to know yourself by asking questions. One of which is to close your eyes and describe your physical appearance verbally, like straight hair, brown eyes etc.

This question is quite interesting for me, because I don’t think we are good at describing people’s appearance.

A quick test… imagine your mother or father. Try to give 10 points describing her/his physical appearance. If you can do that… I salute you, you are blessed with articulate words, rich vocabulary and photographic memory. πŸ™‚

It is my opinion, that we must try to sharpen this skill. What if, a person come and rob you. You can see his face and when you report to the police later on, can you describe the robber’s face? Whether he is an oval shaped or square shaped face? What’s the height? Weight? etc

Robbery and crime happened all the time, and the possibility that we will face one is very likely. So why not we start practising this skill. Here’s some tips I came up that may help kickstart the program.

1) Learn the vocabulary and of course how it actually look like.

2) Know what’s your height and look at yourself in the mirror. Whenever you are walking and you see someone with the same height, just guess their height and weight based on your height and weight. Practice with some friends. Even though I doubt no girls will ever disclose the two figure… πŸ™‚

3) This third tips will require a lot of practice. Have a glimpse of a person for about 2 seconds and look away. now describe him. This will in time enhance your photographic memory. When you are more skilled with this, try to remember numbers or words at first glimpse.

4) The last thing you should learn, is how to remember voice. The robber may speak to you. And there may a time when all the police will need is for you to recognise the voice again. If you didn’t have any practice, believe me… all voice will be heard the same.

Let’s try this, kay… We may need it later on.

– I wonder –
Any other tips you might want to share?

———– Personal Note ————-
Talking about faces, I wonder how my baby will look like when he/she is born? Is it true that first born always look like the father? I looked exactly like my father :)By the way… yesterday, I felt the baby kicking for the first time πŸ™‚ So excited!! Even though I’m not sure whether it is kicking or punching or just plain head banging heheh

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  1. 09 Jan 08 2:12 am

    Interesting…I basicly la kan…i akan cari 1 benda yg akan buat kita teringatkan dia…Contoh tahi lalat…cari la ape pun bab setiap kejadian Tuhan msti ade yg kurang nya…tgk muka dia..cari kekurangan dia…Agagaga…then u’ll remember his/her face..erk…i’m not good at remembering people’s face..seriously…agagagaga…

    Ermmm…tak agree abt the 1’st child follow her/his father face..i’m the second…and i sejibik mcm my dad…his friend always know i’m his daughter by only just looking at me…My sist follow my mum walaupun ade la tempias my dad..Agagaga…

    Nak kena tgk gen sape yg kuat kot…agagagaga…

    At last i abis baca all ur entry yg i terlepas…interesting gak…ur entry always interesting la..Keep it up ok…

    Now…off to bed…Agagagaga…

  2. 09 Jan 08 8:13 am

    hmm… I’m kinda lucky because I have photogenic memory; meaning that I can remember one’s face by only a glimpse.
    but the only thing I lack is I can’t remember the name as quick as my photogenic memory does, huhu…

  3. 09 Jan 08 12:04 pm

    wah.. sonok banji.. tak sabar tunggu the arrival of banji junior eh? a silat warrior or a pantun master?..hehe

  4. banji
    10 Jan 08 12:21 am

    aRa – cari kekurangan atau kelebihan dia kan? tak pun ingat dia tu iras2 artis mana? πŸ™‚ Seriously you can improve your photographic memory. Just practice that 2 seconds tips, observe for 2 seconds and look away, then try to picture his/her face in your head. In no time… you will be good remembering face

    hm maknanya, tak betul la tanggapan anak pertama seiras ayah tu. mungkin betul, akan depends gen mana lebih kuat. but 1 thing, I think my first baby will be chinese look just like me heheh πŸ™‚

  5. banji
    10 Jan 08 12:26 am

    azuwachan – I am still training my mind to be just that. But now I can see some progress, Even in a shopping complex, I will be able to notice some people and remember them whenever I see them again.

    Can I ask.. How long do you usually ablt to remember? permanently?

    nolee – mmg seronok… esok cukup le 5 bulan. samada silat warrior or pantun master, hehe tak tau le.. terserah pada dia πŸ™‚ dah lama tak bersilat mcm dulu, dan lebih lama tak berpantun

  6. 10 Jan 08 1:53 am

    pantun kaaa…
    jangan jual banji…
    cause da pocket tak reti nak beli ..heheheh

    i would have to go with the ara’s method. cause u can only able to remember some unusual particular about the persons face.
    ado parut melintasi mata kiri dia …
    ado paku sticking out of his left forehead…
    ado sikit macam annuar zain…
    wouldnt help kaaa..

  7. 10 Jan 08 1:57 am

    Banji…usually..people would remember the kelemahan/kekurangan thing..Kelebihan sure tak hingat…yo la…nak diri sdiri lebih kan…Agagaga…

    Pocket…”ado paku sticking out of his left forehead…” very funny…Agagagaga…good joke man..

  8. 10 Jan 08 3:31 pm

    usually, kalo mcm practical stuffs, like memorizing music notes, senang nak ingat, apatah lagi kalo kena praktis again and again mende tu. so memory kite jadi kuatla terhadap benda tu. itu memang sure jadi permanent memory.
    how long my photogenic memory stays? it depends on how many time I recall it. Kalo I met a handsome guy la kan, for sure I can remember him longer than for a guy who’s not-so-handsome, heheh… πŸ™‚

  9. banji
    10 Jan 08 6:21 pm

    DaPocket – hehe dah lama tak jual beli pantun, takde cash ma

    hehe and I agree, kalau ada paku keluar dari dahi kiri org tu, for sure kita akan ingat dia sampai bila2 πŸ™‚

    tambah pulak org tu iras2 anuar zain huhu

    aRa – yup, kelemahan dan kekurangan tu mmg akan lebih obvious dari kelebihan, unless kelebihan tu ialah paku dari dahi heheh

    azuwachan – the secret to remembering stuff mmg repetition, jumpa org tu dua tiga kali, sure akan ingat nye bila jupe sekali lagi.

    πŸ™‚ hm nisbah org yg hensem dgn org tak ensem rasanya lagi ramai org tak ensem. org yg ensem tak ramai, jadi kesimpulannya senang lah nak ingat, dah tak ramai heheh makin mengarut

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