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One thing I heard from my manager that I will never forget is the word – “Follow Up”. Not because it is any important but because he almost always scream the word to me. 🙂

However that word really is one of the most important word in management. You want to be a manager, you have to practise the word. You start a project, you will need to do follow up even though your project had been 2 years completed. Check through if there are any complication, arising issue, hidden problem etc.

And once you’ve done that, plan your immediate action to address the problem and finetune the whole operation.

Lastly.. can you guess what’s the next thing to do? You guess it right.. Follow up again.

It is with great pleasure however, for me to announce that the above description is actually just an introduction to today’s post.

I actually want to ask you this question. How’s that 2008 Resolution going?

Some had resolve to lose some weight, some may want to start a new hobby. Mathematically speaking, we should actually be 1/12 successful with the resolution by February 1st. So what about you guys? If you can put a percentage on your resolution achievement, what percentage would that be?

A working example – your 2008’s resolution is to save $6000 as your emergency fund. And after checking on February 1st, the amount saved is $400. You can now say that your resolution is now 6.7% achieved. Congratulation! 🙂

I’m sure you know where I’m going with this one. The most important step is NOT the percentage of achievement. It can be 0% or 10%. The most important step is actually “FOLLOW UP”. We need to check back every now and then on the progress of our resolution.

The progress can be positive or negative, no matter. But when we follow up we will know our status and hopefully after that we can structure our plan to get back on track.

– I wonder –
What’s your resolution’s achievement percentage?

————- Personal Note ———–
It’s sad, but I have to say that my percentage is almost zero. It’s not a total zero, since some of the resolution involves this blog progress. And I’m quite happy with that now.

So this post will serve as a reminder for me. Warning Letter #1.

Next week will be going to be busy busy busy. I will drive back to Kedah (about 550km from here) and start the preparation for DaPocket’s wedding. I will be official photographer of the event. Need to brush up my skills then 🙂

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  1. 02 Feb 08 1:01 am

    I found your site on google blog search and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. Just added your RSS feed to my feed reader. Look forward to reading more from you.

    – Sue.

  2. 02 Feb 08 5:57 am

    there will be two number,
    One will be 22. For the 22nd post in my blog for the ’40hari mencari cinta’ kempen.
    (40 hari equals habit)
    am actually feeling its a habit of posting every two days already:D … Whenever i got an interesting story, i’d type it out onto my notepad cause the day might come for me to post it in me blog.
    Second Number will be … 90 for the Kilograms. Am actually 90 kg now. reduced 1 kg from Dafilantera campaign of ‘NoNasi’ heheheh

  3. 02 Feb 08 5:39 pm

    DaPocket – You’re half there already with the habits formation 🙂 All the best!! It doesn’t need to be everyday, just do it at your pace.

    Well done on the weight lost too, it’s always better to lose a few than to gain another few hehe

  4. filantera`
    04 Feb 08 8:51 am


    the nonasi kempen is changing my life a bit
    but last week, being a bit extra bz week, have ‘forced’ me to skip my weekly exersice, skrg dah rasa tak best….

    weight has decreased around 2.8 kg the last time i checked. thinking that i have to do this for another 7 months is…………..mmmmmmmmmmm……………………pain

  5. banji
    04 Feb 08 7:01 pm

    Sue Massey – thanx for the support 🙂 Looking forward to you other comments too

    filantera – 3kg is a very good improvement 🙂 Keep it up kay bro. Don’t look into the pain you’re going to have, instead look beyond that, the rewards waiting

    All the best!

  6. 08 Feb 08 2:05 pm

    Banji…me same as u…0% improvement.. Job stillllllllll don’t have..driving school,haven talk to my parent’s(perasaan takut itew menebal lak..Must be strong)..Jogging??Dlm rmh aje 2 pun liat…Aiyoooo….

  7. banji
    09 Feb 08 2:57 am

    aRa – hm pasal kerja tu dah diluar kawalan kita right? hm still kena revise balik la application kita, resume kita mungkin ada yg tak kena

    jogging tu boleh start balik… (i am talking to myself heheh) kena start… semua org kata sy dah berisi balik kg kali ni huhu

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