Summary – 2 steps to turn your dream to your side

Nothing is more relaxing than a good night sleep, don’t you agree? However, such sleep can be disrupted if you are constantly having nightmare. You will not be able to get enough rest and ultimately will affect your work / study.

Previously I have presented my theory on why we have nightmare. I would like to continue from that as to how to rid of nightmare and maybe deliberately dream a sweet dream 🙂

1) Respect your dream
From now on, have some respect to the dream you have. Even though it was a very ridiculous dream of you riding a dolphin to the moon. How to respect it? by trying your very best to remember each dream you have.

Have a notebook and a pen by your bed every night. I would recommend a bright color notebook so that when you wakes up, you will not be able to miss it. Always try to jot down any details of your dream, even though you may end up with only the word – “Dolphin”.

My theory is, when we have made a conscious attempt to remember the dream, our subconcious mind will follow up by producing a more meaningful and “make-sense” dream. Over time, you will notice that there are no more ridiculous dream. And the dream you have can actually be a mirror of your subconciousness

2) Ask question
Whether you want to believe it or not, there is such thing as your subconcious mind. Have you ever had a problem, and you think very hard before you go to sleep, and tomorrow out of no where you can see the solution clearly. That’s subconcious mind in action. Now let’s use that untapped resource.

Before you go to bed, ask question to yourself. Not just by reading a paragraph from a book, but really try to figure the problem out in your head. Do it about 5 minutes, set an alarm if you must, but after that 5 minutes, stop thinking about the problem. This is crucial, as we don’t want you to stay awake all night thinking. It will be very very off topic then 🙂

The problem can varies from your relationship problem, to the “how star was created” kind of problem. The answer may not be as clear as black and white, but with some practice, you will be able to use that incredible resource of yours. The answer may come in the form of dream or you will just know the answer to it naturally. Trust me on this 🙂

– I Wonder –
What’s your weirdest dream you have so far? I’m in the mood of interpreting dream now hehe (just for fun)

———- Personal Note ————
My weirdest dream so far is the one with numbers. I apparently was given a number and I must figure out the square root of it in my head. Nothing extraordinary right? But in my dream, I am not seeing the number, I can actually see millions of particles representing the number. Things will usually get more tense, and I will usually wakes up with that problem in my head.

Usually it is a sign that I will be down with fever the next day. In the case you’re wondering, I consider such dream as nightmare 🙂

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  1. 18 Feb 08 1:15 am

    Good article. I will post a link to it on my website for Monday hopefully you get some more hits. I found your article and website looking at the upcoming news on Digg.


  2. 18 Feb 08 5:25 pm

    hmm… just a few days ago I dreamt about that ‘someone’ (but I didn’t think about him before I sleep) and the next day I met him. A dream come true, eh??
    But that’s not my wierdest dream, and I can’t even recall one.
    but I do recall one dream. the one dream that makes me feel like a bird flying above the earth and looking down at the blue sea, with the wind blowing my hair. It was a beautiful dream…
    anyway, maybe after this I should try your suggestion; to try to write back the dream I had every night. sounds like fun to me, heheh…

  3. banji
    18 Feb 08 5:45 pm

    LM – thanks for linking. Feel free to come back tomorrow 🙂

    azuwachan – I’m not very sure about dream predicting the future, but usually if we have a strong feeling with someone, there is a chance that we can feel his/her presence. subconsciously of course. Like how a mother always seem to know her daughter/son is in trouble.

    So yes, that dream may be a clear indication of your chemistry with him, or it might just be describing who matter to you the most. Either way… it’s him 🙂

    About your dream – hm symbolically, a bird flying usually represent your freedom. And to picture something so beautiful will require you to trigger that artistic part of the brain. So maybe the dream is showing how happy you are when you are practising art.. hehe just an interpretation just for fun. (Not to be taken seriously)

    But seriously, try to remember your dream. Nothing is created by Allah just for the fun of it. Now it’s up to us to figure our dream out.. Good luck!

  4. 18 Feb 08 5:59 pm

    yesterday’s dream:
    i dream that i’ve went surfing at a wide beach. the wave was sooo great, that i can see the top of peoples head when i’m riding the wave.
    the impression was
    water everywhere…
    too much water…
    there was too much water that it worries me.
    after a jump or two,
    after a trick or two,
    i’ve come to realize that what i was riding was not a surfboard. but a balloon by the shape of a dolphin… wahahahah…
    anybody care to interpret that?

  5. 18 Feb 08 8:11 pm

    my weirdest dream was..
    well, all my dreams are considered weird.
    but the weirdest was when my cats can talk. i was actually talking to them in Malay, and they can reply. hehe
    my mother said i imagine too much before sleeping..and saya suka merapu di siang hari.
    but most of my mornings, i would make my frens laugh when i tell them my dream (if i stillremember)

  6. 19 Feb 08 10:21 am

    i thought u were talking about the dream in life.. who knows it’s dream in sleep 🙂

    normally i can’t remember 100%. but also never think of putting a paper and pencil nearby to “record” it. coz if i remember, it’ll be in my brain. else, having a paper or pencil is also useless 🙂

  7. 19 Feb 08 11:48 am

    DaPocket – It’s either means that you are still in your honeymoon mode or you just want to pee so much heheh

    Anyway, definitely you were enjoying what you’re dreaming. That itself is a sign of satisfaction or happiness. Just maybe when everything is so good to be true, you sometimes stop for a while and start wondering this and that, and that usually will spoil the fun

    You need to just enjoy the time you have.. and worry about it later 🙂

    heheh Is that interpretation acceptable. Bear in mind, purely out of my imagination. And they are purely for fun

  8. 19 Feb 08 11:52 am

    wilda – wow a talking cat! that would be nice. Filantera would love them hehe

    A word of advice : don’t suppress your imagination. You can stop talking about it, but do not stop imagining thing 🙂 They are always a good exercise for the mind. Still you will have to differentiate between day dreaming and imagination of course.

    hm try to take control of your dream and maybe you can converse in English with them 🙂 That is like throwing two bird with a stone. enhancing imagination and better English

  9. 19 Feb 08 11:56 am

    haan – dream in sleep is more fun, don’t you think?

    The thing about dream, is it is usually stored in our short term memory and we will remember most of them only seconds after we get up. Few minutes after, we totally lost it. That’s the whole idea of the pencil and paper. To jot down the keyword.

    I wouldn’t recommend doing an essay that very early in the morning. You’ll screw up the whole day hehe

  10. Naomi
    01 Feb 13 2:54 pm

    Well I have a dream/nightmare.
    I have had this same dream from the time I was 8
    Till about 21 I’m 24 now
    I am Batman(or a Guy) I need to get away for some reason.
    I am running but I can seem to run fast it’s like slow motion.
    I try looking behind me . I can’t talk or scream
    Another part of the same dream
    I can’t open my eyes I try as hard as I can I can’t. I try pulling them open I can’t.
    this has been happenIng for years do you know what it means.

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