Facing fear

Summary – Only do one task at a time

Today I took medical leave. Actually I was given after I went to the dentist and had one of my tooth pulled out. Just can’t stand the pain.

Having a day off from work, I planned to clean up the house, blog maintenance, maybe start a new exercise routine, watching movie with the mrs etc etc.

That’s where I made a mistake. There’s too many things to do, and I end up just half cleaning the house and watching the movie the rest of the day:)

We always think that we have the time to do 1000 things in our days. Everything is equally important and we have no choice but to do it all. In the end, other urgent things may come or more popularly, we just do what we like, and in my case watching the movie.

How can we fix this?

If we can’t shoot for the stars, aim lower. I should have just list one thing I will definitely do today. What ever happened, this one thing must be done. In 7 days, there will be at least 7 things done. Instead of trying to do it all, I may end up NOT finishing anything at all.

However, this should not be my permanent resolution. Once I have get used to this habit, I will need to increase the number of things must be done per day. The most important thing is still to be consistent with the habit and as long as I strive to be consistent with this, I’m already on the right track.

Why I’m telling you this? Well, I too am still in the journey to better myself, and by publicly sharing this, I am committing myself to the program.

Care to join me?

– I wonder –
What one thing do you want to do tomorrow?

———– Personal Note ———–
I heard somewhere that toothache is the second most painful thing in the world. The most painful thing is delivering baby. I wonder if it is true?

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  1. 11 Mar 08 3:42 pm

    firstly, we are not machines which can do a lot of things in one time. even our heart will stop beating for a second before continuing to deliver the blood to the whole body.
    to do 2 things in one time is not wrong, but see your own capability. if you can eat while reading books, that’s ok.
    but don’t burden yourself with all the jobs in one time, do it equal to your own energy and ability.
    If you are not able to, stop. and continue to do it after some time when you gather back your energy.
    Do the best on your work, not for the sake of finishing it, but for the sake of responsibility 🙂

  2. 11 Mar 08 6:16 pm

    i want to finish up the Audit Report which i’ve went to the last monday.
    I need to attend me brother inlaw engagement ceremony.
    too many things to do…
    i think i have to finish up first thing first.

    banji, once i did also feels the pain of a toothache, its really are a pain in the neck. since i cant chew and cant sleep.
    Just cant stand it no more and off i’ve went to take the tooth out .
    once the tooth is out. i’ve take a look on the tormenting tooth, more than 50% of the tooth already decayed. no wonder i was feeling the pain…hahahah
    hows yours?

  3. 11 Mar 08 7:01 pm

    Toothache is the 2nd most painful?
    Hmmm…then i wonder how painful is donating a bone marrow

  4. banji
    11 Mar 08 8:22 pm

    azuwachan – nicely said. I particularly like that analogy of the beating heart.

    I guess we are so used to multitask. We listen to music, study, and daydream all the same time. It’s a wonder how we get things done anyway

    DaPocket – yup.. first things first. The more important things first 🙂

    About the tooth, I would say it is about 50% decayed too. The pain actually compete with my fear of going to the dentist. Finally the pain wins.

    3POINT8 – I guess the person who made that claim is having a toothache at the time 🙂

  5. 11 Mar 08 11:25 pm

    sometimes it’s also quite fun to just follow your heart 😀

  6. 14 Mar 08 9:14 am

    before this, i will always make a long list of ‘to-do’ things, and everything were meant to be settled on the very day. only if i was very strict with myself, i managed to fullfil maximum 3 to 4 tasks. and i ended up exhausted due to lack of sleep and rest. furthermore, there were still 4 to 5 more jobs to be looked upon. The result? a stressed me. hehehe
    reading ur entry, i think i would like to try to just keep 1 aim to be achieved in 1 day.
    hope to happier, x merungut2 dah n kualiti kerja meningkat, insyaAllah.

    thanks. 🙂

  7. banji
    14 Mar 08 8:36 pm

    haan – It’s always fun to follow the heart 🙂 that’s what makes it sometimes very unproductive eheh

    wilda – That’s exactly what we will benefit when we only focus on one or two things a day. Less frustration.. We are only given 24 hours everyday, no more and no less, and the work need to be done is never decreasing.

    That is why it is very important to identify which is the most important and do that one first. The more satisfied we are, the more motivated we will be to finish other works

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