Summary – Be super productive and organized. It’s all about improving the interface of your mind

I’m sure you are familiar with Gmail. Almost everyone I know uses it. That should say something about the service. Personally I find Gmail is the best solution to handling your email. It’s really one of the most organized and productivity minded solution designed.

Now what if I tell you that we can assimilate this concept into our way of thinking? Yes, putting a Gmail in your mind.

The mind really is a remarkable thing. We can only guess what it’s true pontetial will be and I’m very sure that it will still be a long way to go before we fully understand it. The problem is never about the mind, but how we interface with it. Imagine we are using a super computer and the only OS available is the DOS (some of you may not even familiar with the OS), it will be such a loss.

The same thing with this experiment I’m proposing. By applying some of the concept in Gmail to our way of thinking, hopefully we will be more organized and productivity minded.

Let’s get started shall we?

1) Gmail has always been in Beta version
I registered with Gmail quite a long time ago, and I remember that it was in its Beta version then. Many years later, for some reason, it is still in Beta version.

Let’s put a Beta sticker to our mind. Let it be official that the work on our mind is always in Beta version. There will always be things to improved. In my opinion, just the acknowledgment that our mind is a work in progress will help a lot. Of course we must be checking consistently on how to improve our mind.

2) Premium location of “Compose Mail” and “Inbox”
Just underneath the Gmail logo is the link to Compose Mail and Inbox. The link is not buried down the page or disguised in complicated flash button. That’s because an email is only about two things – sending and receiving email.

Figure out what are you about? If you are all into money making, than that is what you should put there in your mind. Limit the items to only two.

3) Report Spam Button
Almost all emails have this. Whenever spam emails received, it will automatically be flagged as spam and put in the spam folder. Sometime a few misses and you will have to report the email as spam manually.

Install a Report Spam button in your mind. If at anytime a negative thought comes to mind, immediately flag it as “Negative Thought”. Do this consciously as if you are actually clicking the button in your mind. If you think Gmail is smart to learn from your action, wait till you see what your mind is capable of.

4) Delete Protocol
You must notice that in order for you to completely delete an email, you will have to delete it two times, one in the inbox and another in the trash folder. The philosophy is, it is better to have millions of rubbish emails building up than to lose that one very very important email from your VIP.

The mind work at a more complex level, but the same philosophy applies. If you want to forget something, you will have to do some extra work. It is never as easy as clicking a button and hope it goes away.

I actually put up an entry on how to forget and move on specifically dedicated to a friend who wish to do just that. Please have a read if you are interested.

5) Emails in reply is grouped together
This is one of the differentiating feature of Gmail. And even though it takes me some getting use to, I find it very helpful. Previously I sometimes get an email from a long lost friend and I just can’t figure out what he is referring to as I can’t see my sent email to him. By grouping the emails in reply together, conversation and email make more sense and easy to track.

Interconnecting one point to another is exactly the basis of our brain. We do our thinking this way. We think of one thing for example cars, then you remember to send your car for maintenance, maybe after that you think of what else you want to do now that you are in the town, maybe shopping, which reminds you of the wife who love shopping.

Amazingly that you think of cars first before the wife 🙂 I write more about this in this article – How to Improve Your Memory Using Spongebob

/end list

There are so many more features of Gmail that we can integrate in our mind. For example, the labels, Star, Search and the increasing free space etc. But I’m going to leave it to you guys to figure it out.

– I wonder –
Appreciate if you continue adding what else about Gmail that can be used in the comment section.

———— Personal Note ————-
I am always fascinated with the true potential of the mind. Maybe influenced by a lot of tv series, I sometimes wonder if maybe those psychic things like telekinesis and telepathy can really be done. What do you think?

Photo Credit – Rovlls

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  1. 25 Jul 08 8:30 pm

    i am not using g mail, so i personally dont know how are the icon or the layout inside.
    but what i’m interested with your text would be about deleting your mail.

    if only i can delete some of the mail that is my inbox…
    i’d be more than grateful,
    cause some of them really really annoys me:)

  2. 25 Jul 08 10:27 pm

    DaPocket – You should try gmail. If you’re into productivity, believe me it will be worth it 🙂 Deleting the “mail in our inbox” is a very hard thing to do. Work on it slowly. Or you can just learn to accept it, and archive it deep down inside

  3. 26 Jul 08 9:15 am

    You are very innovative Banji, I think I never thought of Gmail through my mind before. Anyway I use Gmail too. I like the label use in Gmail, where we can add colour label to our special email. For example, I use new friend request by friendster as green label. Every time I see green label, I would be happy, as new friend is coming on. to my friendster..hehe

  4. banji
    27 Jul 08 6:14 pm

    KSoleh – 🙂 Appreciate that you like it. The labelling of Gmail is great isn’t it? Actually some productivity guru even suggest to use the label as your to do list. For example, “MUST DO NOW”. “PENDING”, “NEED RESEARCH” etc

    There’s so many things in there

  5. mya
    19 Aug 08 10:31 am

    Hi Banji,

    Today I stumbled on your blog (via Life Hack). What a nice surprise ! I thoroughly enjoy reading your entries, keep it up.

  6. banji
    20 Aug 08 7:25 pm

    Mya – Thank you for reading. Hopefully it will not be your last time here 🙂 Feel free to share your side of the story too ya.

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