Summary – First thing in my mind.. wrong answer

When people say Ramadhan or “Bulan puasa”, what are the first things that come to our mind? I try this question myself.. and these are the answers that first come to my mind.

1) Breaking fast with family

I enjoyed this so much.. somehow it will always be last minute, and things will go in a rush. My family often break our fast on the floor in the living room because of the extra space. We can see people going to and fro from the kitchen bringing food. When all the food is served, we will all see with awe the varieties of food, and usually end up with a silent pledge to buy fewer food the next day. (of course it will only be a pledge). And another fact amazes me is how the last 10 minutes are the longest minutes in the entire history of mankind :)… everytime!

2) Bazaar Ramadhan

For those who have no idea, it is a place where all kind of food will be sold especially for breaking fast. You can see some of the most exotic food and “kuih” there. Legend has it, that once the time has come to break fast, all food will be FOC. heheh but this legend had never been tested simply because I never want to break fast there 🙂

3) Morey (pronunced Moray), “Malam Tujuh Likur” etc

/end answer

Truthfully, I loved everything about Ramadhan especially the above. And I have no intention to ask you not to love them… This is our culture, if we don’t stand up to it, who will?

That’s when it occur to me, that I remember Ramadhan only in its cultural form. Ramadhan is actually an “ibadah” (worship), but instead of remembering all the blessing and forgiveness in Ramadhan, I had choose to remember the cultural side of it, which is all the answers above.

We don’t remember Ramadhan as the month we should double all our “ibadah”, cry for fogiveness in the silent night, trying to earn that Lailatul Qadar, or the month where we should train ourselves to be better, and most importantly to continue the better state after Ramadhan.

It’s actually good that we had integrated our culture with Islam. That’s the beauty of Islam.. But the danger will come, when the cultural side had already overwhelmed the true nature of is, we no longer see Ramadhan as an “ibadah”.

What do you think? how do you remember Ramadhan? cultural or from Islam POV? Personally… I still like to associate Ramadhan with our culture 🙂 I think, it’s still ok provided you know what Ramadhan actually is. 🙂

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  1. Rockafella Gurl
    13 Sep 07 1:03 am

    Slamat Bersahur Bro Banji & Mrs!

    Im very rare to buy food at Bazaar Ramadhan coz no time to drop by, balik from office str8 to home, break the fast, solat maghrib, prepare food, & trus pegi terawih..

    So, I prefered to associate Ramadhan with our culture!

  2. Banji
    13 Sep 07 2:08 am

    yanz – lepas berbuka, prepare the food? utk sahur ke?

    ramadhan bg org malaysia xleh dipisahkan dgn budaya. sy sendiri x sanggup. 🙂 hopefully kita sedar apa piority time ramadhan ni.. dan the cultural side of ramadhan can be preserved 🙂

  3. filantera
    13 Sep 07 2:39 am

    hehheheh the cultural side of course,sadly hahah

    love to try pasar ramadhan different places each day

  4. UncleJ
    13 Sep 07 4:23 am

    banji…ki tau posa dah dekat bila dgr iklan mcm berbisik tu “yuusuf taiyoooob” dlm radio..hehehehe

    ok nak bg satu contoh: gi bazar ramadhan nampak nasik briyani kambing tu mcm sedap jer, so kalau kita beli jugak, dah kalah le dgn nafsu…patutnya jgn beli, lwn nafsu tu..baru ler kita dpt menghayati erti sebenar ramadhan ni, belajar melawan nafsu yg tak elok tu…ada betol ka?


  5. Banji
    13 Sep 07 6:56 am

    filantera – you should try pasar ramadhan in Kelantan ince there a lot of unique “kuih” only found in Kelantan.. Jala emas to name one.. mcm makan gula heheh

    uncleJ – mmg pun, seram bulu roma den heheh… tapi kadang2 terlampau advance sgt iklan ni sampai dah start iklan raya dah. posa belum pun start.

    pasal nasi beriyani kambing tu, mmg setuju. saya pun selalu tak terfikir nak lawan, sbb mmg mata dah dibayangi makanan time tu, lapar plak tu.. 🙂 insyaAllah tahun ni nak cuba amalkan contoh uncle tu.

    but of course la, jgn keterlaluan.. sampai langsung takmakan nasi sbb tak mau ngikut nafsu, dah membahayakan kesihatan 🙂

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