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Waking up

Summary – Custom made tools

We have been here on earth for thousands of years. (A very cliche introduction, nevertheless..) And we still haven’t figure out a lot of questions. One of which is how to get things done.

We have come up with a lot of theories and practical tips to get things done. In this blog alone, I’ve highlighted a lot of tools to help. Some worth mentioning here are :

Still with all these tools, we find ourselves not really able to complete our task, or our life is still chaotic. Are the tools not effective? or the tasks are just too many and too hard to complete? Why is it, even with all the tools and tips, we still cannot be organized and finish all tasks assigned?

I seriously think that I have an answer for those questions. The fact is – all those tools were created by people, 80/20 Rules were created by Pareto, Haiku Production were introduced by Leo (If I’m not mistaken). They are of course prove to be very effective for them.. not necessarily for us.

Wait a minute, I’m not saying that we should abandon all those tools. I’m just saying that we should actually develop our own system based on these esteemed tools.

Adapt those system into our life. Make it personal by reanalyzing back the tools and make our own conclusion and formula.

Example 1 : 80/20 rules stated that we should identify the 20% vital task to do first and focus on that one. No flaw to that theory. But maybe some of us are stuck with task that all 100% of them are of equal importance. How then can we choose the 20%?

Maybe for these guys, 80/20 rules must be adjusted to include delegation of work. Delegate some of the tasks to your colleague or subordinate. Maybe improve the system by incorporating other tools like the snowballing effect (Finish the small task first and when it’s done, use the allocated resource to finish the bigger ones)

Simpler exampleΒ 2 : You know you are supposed to jog daily for one whole month for it to become a natural habit. But you notice that there will always be time that you will not jog.. Even though you keep reminding yourself of the formula.

For you, I would suggest you to come up with a formula on how to restart your habit, instead of formula to force sticking to one. Make it so that if you didn’t jog today, there is a system you already established that will motivate you restart jogging tomorrow. It is so much better than you become frustrated for not being able to form a habit even though one year has passed.

Conclusion – Tools are tools. What make them work is actually you. Nobody else. And for them to work exactly like you want it, you must be able to manipulate or redesign the tools specifically for you.

– I wonder –
Do you agree?

——— Personal Note ———
I am actually in the procecss to form the habit of waking up early. Earlier at least πŸ™‚ But somehow it is very frustrating when sometimes you just wake up late. These frustration for me is quite dangerous, because in time, I may be giving up the whole idea just to avoid being frustrated.

I then choose to construct my own system to restart the habit. How I do that is quite complex to be written here, but suffice to say that it work. Everytime I woke up late, I will just smile and say to myself “Tomorrow then” πŸ™‚ No frustration at all…

Photo credit : D’Arcy Norman

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  1. 21 Mar 08 12:29 pm

    wah tinggal komen leh dapat lucky draw yerk… kita pun tak tau nak komen apa… tapi macam biasa la, sebab tak de kotak jerit kita bertanya khabar kat sini lah… banji sihat ke? dah nak hujung minggu dah kan… kejap jerk masa berlalu…

  2. 21 Mar 08 6:36 pm

    my previous company scan in time is 815.
    i usually woke up at 745 and start rushing to the company… that’s 30minutes earlier than the target time.
    new company requires me to scan in at 7am.
    which supposedly i’ll be waking up at 630 isnt it? but somehow i kept on waking up at 6am.
    have time to check me blog (And yours too)
    have time to wish that my motorcycle is punctured (So that i can get an excuse for being late)
    have time to sarapan!!:D

    i wish i can wake up at 630 …
    it’ll make life …. more interesting πŸ˜€

    tte pelik

  3. banji
    21 Mar 08 11:50 pm

    shay – alhamdulillah sihat, tapi shay, utk entitled lucky draw tu, shay kena leave comment dlm post ni sebenarnya..

    apa pun.. terima kasih kerana sudi join πŸ™‚

    DaPocket – looks like waking up at 6 is doing you good. why change? πŸ™‚ I guess I have to force myself to check in the mill at 7am too, but that’s the problem living only 2 minutes from our workplace, Anytime is still early to me…

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