For friends visitting who haven’t read yesterday’s entry, please scroll down to the 30th November. It’s on how to effectively escape from a pervert / rapist. An entry dedicated to all woman out there. I just hope that no pervert is reading. 🙂

I know I said that there will be no post today, but I just can’t resist from typing a few words eheh. I’m actually going to start a new culture here at I’m going to present to you the monthly progress report of the blog. It has always been ours, right?

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Blog’s progress

  • Guest blogging had been kickstarted by Ms Azuwachan. Two interesting entries had been published. I really appreciate her contribution, and hopefully other friends will start to join in. Give this blog a new voice 🙂
  • New Categories – Scam Awareness & Guest Blogger
  • I have planned quite a few blog development for December. Believe me, the blog will only get better each day. You just wait 🙂

Monthly’s Personal Note
On 12/11 my mother was warded in the hospital for hypertension at 190/114. But she is now (updated at 1/12) is at 140/85. Which is so much better. Thank you to all friends praying and giving tips.

The blog is very lucky to have you, my fellow friends as the contributor. Again, your additional ideas and experience shared are very much appreciated.

We however need more great minds to learn from. So.. I humbly ask a favor from you, which is to spread the words of this blog to you friends, be it online or offline.

I’m sure the benefit we will get from them (experience and knowledge), will be worth it.

p.s. Hint – My birthday is in December!! hehe

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  1. 01 Dec 07 1:42 am

    Banji…wah…ade report…best2..

    Bday December ek…When?? 😉

  2. banji
    01 Dec 07 5:03 pm

    hehe setiap tahun satu malaysia akan cuti sambut beday banji 🙂 25/12!

  3. 01 Dec 07 5:15 pm

    Hohoho…kata santa..agagagaga…1 dunia cuti ar..i punya bday pun 1 dunia cuti…Agagagaga..Banji..murah ati ek kita bg smua org cuti..Agagagaga..

  4. banji
    02 Dec 07 12:05 am

    aRa – heheh mcm le kita yg bagi kan? tapi tak kira, at least beday kita tu… kita boleh celebrate puas2, dgn tido puas2 🙂

  5. 04 Dec 07 10:30 pm

    ouh.. birthday on christmas day yer.. senang nak ingat. i’ll take note of that. =)

    p/s: saya yg suka ingat birthday kawan2.

  6. banji
    04 Dec 07 10:49 pm

    syahidatul – hobi yg sangat bermanfaat hhehe 🙂

    agaknya ada hadiah tak?

  7. 04 Dec 07 10:56 pm

    tak… hanya berikan kata-kata berbentuk ucapan dan doa… 🙂

    ingatan tu pun dah cukup membuatkan mereka rasa bahagia dan terharu….

  8. banji
    05 Dec 07 2:53 am

    syahidatul – hehe saja mencuba nasib 🙂

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