Yesterday, I asked a question on what are your favorite articles here in for 2007. I’ll try to compile the list of 20 must read articles for 2007

1) Do You Know Uncle Pareto
2) Things About Ramadhan You May Not Know Series
3) How To Make Decision Series
4) Secrets To Remember 50 Items In Any Order
5) Relationship – Pisau Cukur Ockham
6) Mind Reading 101
7) One Way To Handle Difficult Customer
8] How To Forget And Move On
9) A Personal Letter For You & The Conclusion
10) Two Great Love Quotes That Contradict Each Other
11) Personal Blog The Hidden Bonus
12) Tips For First Day At Work
13) 2 Steps To Realizing Your Dreams
14) 13 Tips To A Happier You
15) How To Know He/She Is The One?
16) The Secret To Washing Dishes
17) 2 Route To Freedom In A Relationship
18) 5 Top Methods How Blog Ideas Generated
19) Secret Of Happiness (To Be Read By Couples)
20) 4 Uncommon Ways To Escape From Pervert

Altogether there are 207 post in 2007 🙂 Good number. Comments are recorded at 1632, half of it are most probably mine, so statistically it was 816 comments overall. That’s about 4 comments per post. I personally would like to thank you all friends visitting for continuously supporting the blog. It has really been a pleasure writing for you.

Just to highlight some of the achievement of the blog this year. An article “Unbelievably Arrogant” had been chosen by the editor of “Prasasti” (an online magazine) and was published in the July issue. That really was a boost in my motivation. Not long afterward, the blog had been nominated by dearest Noushy and won the World united Blogger Award. It was however awarded to the previous blog which is Immortal Wisdom. The person I owed gratitude for the success of this blog is none other than you guys. Thanx again!

Personal Note
The year has been a very good year for me. One of the most important event is the Charity at Darul Izzah, held on 12th of August. I’ve also found my long lost friend, Nur Syikri via blogging :). We had been separated for 15 years . On the negative side, My mother had to be admitted into hospital due to hypertension on 13th of August. Alhamdulillah she is now doing so much better. The last important event worth mentioning here is when I had to represent my family and discuss the engagement of my brother,DaPocket on 21st of December. Life’s surely treating me good this year.

I now bid farewell to 2007. And welcome the new 2008. Let us make this coming year our turning point in life, to become the best we can be. And hopefully sharing your ideas here in will catalyze the change. So keep on pouring your ideas here ya..

Happy New Year everyone! 🙂

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  1. filantera
    31 Dec 07 8:36 am

    this blog really is something great happen in this year ..

    keep it up!

  2. banji
    31 Dec 07 12:45 pm

    filantera – thanx bro, uve been with me all the way, and I really appreciate that! 🙂

  3. 09 Jan 08 1:07 am

    People keep coming back to ur blog bcoz of ur interesting entry..Org comment lak nak kira respon to ur entry…

    I’m glad la coz in 2007 i get to know u via blogging..Reading ur entry was a great experience..Leh share everything rite..

    Keep on blogging Banji…i will follow ur blog..

  4. banji
    10 Jan 08 1:24 am

    aRa – thank you ara for the kind words. I will try my very best to come up with better entries.. that is my commitment to you fellow readers.

    Again, I would like to thank you, on behalf of all readers… If not because of you, I will not have the strength to continue doing this. Your support in all its nature is very very much appreciated 🙂

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